Episode 127: Is Your Child’s Sleep Affecting Their Behavior? with Karese Laguerre

Dr. Deb speaks with Registered Dental Hygienist, Karese Laguerre, who uncovered sleeping issues in her children and it changed their lives! Now she shares with our audience what you can do for your kids and yourself to get the restorative sleep you deserve. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[05:58] How a Pediatric dentist saw oral-facial muscles impacting Karese’s children sleep

[09:44] If you haven’t gotten restorative sleep during your youth, that’s going to compromise your health and your immune system

[10:44] Signs that you may have issues with sleep

[13:41] Do sleeping patterns or habits impact breathing?

[16:49] What is the difference between a home sleep study vs sleep study in a facility 

[18:00] There’s over a 70% overlap between sleep deprivation and those signs and symptoms in ADHD children 

[18:44] Few tips that parents can do at home that might help them start to make some sleep changes 

[22:43] Benefits of using humidifiers in a dry room

[23:52] Dietary changes that can help sleep better

[25:32] When you’re eating so late at night, your body is so focused on digestion and not on rest

[26:46] What is myofunctional therapy

Resources Mentioned

Serenity U – Gain access to a searchable library of health tips and strategies with Dr. Deb – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/serenity-u 

About our Guest:

Karese Laguerre, like many parents, suffered in silence while her children struggled with the symptoms of undiagnosed sleep and breathing issues. One visit to a pediatric dentist changed the trajectory of their lives. Already a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), Karese, trained with Sandra Holtzman, Lois Laynee and Sarah Hornsby to establish her orofacial myology knowledge. With this initial training and numerous others, in a few short years she has not only resolved all her children’s issues but helped hundreds of patients, children and adults alike, discover how great life can be functioning on full. Her private practice, The Myo Spot is now a leader in the quest for myofunctional therapy awareness and public education.

Her latest published book, Accomplished, delves into how to sleep better, eliminate burnout, and execute goals. Karese’s mission is to transform and positively impact as many households as possible through dynamic breath, brain and bodywork.

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Book: “Accomplished: How to Sleep Better, Eliminate Burnout,and Execute Goals”

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