Episode 132: 97% of the People Should Be Asking

Dr. Deb breaks down 5 questions we should be asking about the virus and protection. Want to know what you can do to protect yourself she shares the latest tips and supplements that are most helpful. Get involved in protecting yourself. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[3:07] The numbers do not equate to a pandemic

[4:23] We are being given anecdotal evidence not actual science results in terms of current covid diagnosis 

[7:57] The push of the vaccine all at once caused the development of a strong variant

[8:14] The definitions of an outbreak, epidemic and pandemic

[11:12] Some identified ways to protect yourself though natural and prescription medication

[15:26] A look into the authorization for emergency use with the Pfizer shot and the FDA

[19:28] The possible implications of the 2 FDA officials that resigned

[22:13] The CDC just changed their wording of which what constitutes a vaccine

[26:22] Young men under the age of 30, who have taken the vaccine also have a higher risk of mild carditis which is a severe inflammation of the heart, resulting in permanent damage 

[27:58] The effects that Pfizer and Moderna have had on fertility rate on rats as well as the ramifications of what it can do to a pregnancy

[34:17] The importance of staying informed to protect yourself and your family.  Ask questions, research and learn!

Resources Mentioned

Serenity U – Gain access to a searchable library of health tips and strategies with Dr. Deb – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/serenity-u 

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