Episode 132: 97% of the People Should Be Asking

Dr. Deb breaks down 5 questions we should be asking about the virus and protection. Want to know what you can do to protect yourself she shares the latest tips and supplements that are most helpful. Get involved in protecting yourself. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[3:07] The numbers do not equate to a pandemic

[4:23] We are being given anecdotal evidence not actual science results in terms of current covid diagnosis 

[7:57] The push of the vaccine all at once caused the development of a strong variant

[8:14] The definitions of an outbreak, epidemic and pandemic

[11:12] Some identified ways to protect yourself though natural and prescription medication

[15:26] A look into the authorization for emergency use with the Pfizer shot and the FDA

[19:28] The possible implications of the 2 FDA officials that resigned

[22:13] The CDC just changed their wording of which what constitutes a vaccine

[26:22] Young men under the age of 30, who have taken the vaccine also have a higher risk of mild carditis which is a severe inflammation of the heart, resulting in permanent damage 

[27:58] The effects that Pfizer and Moderna have had on fertility rate on rats as well as the ramifications of what it can do to a pregnancy

[34:17] The importance of staying informed to protect yourself and your family.  Ask questions, research and learn!

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Transcription of #132:

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Welcome back to Let’s Talk Wellness Now. I am your host, Dr. Deb, and you’re listening to Episode 132. Why are 97% of the people not asking this question? I’m really serious about this. Like, why are we not standing up and asking the hard question. So I want to give you some statistics. So you know why I’m saying 97% of the people in this country need to ask the hard questions. And that’s because if we look at how many cases as of September 6, how many new cases of COVID we have, it’s roughly about 40 million, I’m going to take off the few change things there. But roughly about 40 million new cases, there’s roughly 388 million plus people in the United States. And that plus is just a few odd change, right. And to date as of September 6 147 million people are fully vaccinated. So if we just do the math, and we look at the number of fully vaccinated people, that means the risk of people contracting the virus is 0.0272%, based on the 40 million new cases that we’re having in a seven day period of time. Now, that is not a pandemic. Those numbers do not equate to a pandemic yet. That’s what we’re saying we’re still in. I want to tell you some research that I was listening to Dr. McCullough talk about the other day. And he believes based on his ability to do research that we have to realize that about 83% of these people are being diagnosed with Delta variant, okay.

However, the only way that we can assure that somebody is sick with the Delta variant is if they’re getting tested by the local health department, because the local health department is doing sequencing gene sequencing to determine if they have the variant or not. Everybody else that’s testing is using PCR testing, which cannot tell the difference between COVID SARS to influenza Delta variant, lambda variant, whatever variants we come up with, but yet people are being told, and the CDC is being reported to that all these people have this new Delta variant. This is not how we do science. This is not precision science. This is anecdotal evidence. Nowhere in any other chronic illness and especially in a pandemic, would we do anecdotal evidence we would do real science. So my first question is, why are we not doing real science? Why? Why is only the health department doing gene sequencing? And why are the hospitals reporting Delta variant cases when they don’t know that they have delta variant? That is question number one. Question number two, is if all of these people 140 7 million people have taken the jab, Madonna, Pfizer, or J&J? Why do we have so many people testing positive? Now, we have to look back and see how many people do we suspect had been infected with COVID prior to the jab? Well, according to the statistics, roughly 67% of Americans were infected with COVID at the end of December 2020, so 67% of our population equates to roughly 259 million. Okay? If 259 million people were infected with COVID, by the end of 2020, they have natural immunity, they don’t need to take the jab. If 147 million people to date are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC record as of September 6, that means we have over 100% immunity, those two numbers equal 406 million people. There’s only 388 million people in the US. People, we need to start asking these questions, we need to actually do the math and not listen to what they’re seeing on TV. We’re completely negating natural immunity. And we’re assuming the American people are just dumb. And they’re not going to look at this. They’re not going to do the math, and they’re not going to question this. I’ve been doing the math all along. I’ve been questioning this all along. They can tell you that they don’t know how long people will have immunity to COVID SARS to if they’ve been infected. We know what happens, it’s no different than if somebody was infected with chickenpox or measles, they will have natural immunity for the rest of their life. Now, how did we get these variants that we don’t seem to have any immunity to? Well, we got the variance because we mass vaccinated all these people at one time and pushed a new variant to come. Yes, there would have been a natural variant that would have happened. How the immune system works is that those variants would become weaker, not stronger. But because we pushed this vaccine on so many people, we pushed this variant ourselves and we created a problem, we created a variant that appears to be quite strong.

But I want to remind you again, for as strong as it is, there is stillv less than 0.2% infection rate that does not make a strong variant that does not make a pandemic. I want to talk about what’s the difference of the definition of an outbreak, an epidemic and a pandemic because I think this is important for us to understand. So an outbreak is a sudden rise in the number of cases of disease. It can occur in a community or geographical area, and it may affect several countries, and it may last for a few days, weeks or even several years. Some some outbreaks are expected each year like influenza, or an infectious outbreak might show up in foodborne botulism, something like that, or anthrax, those kinds of things are considered an outbreak. an epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly to many people like in 2003, when there was a severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS epidemic that took place in 2003. And it took the lives of nearly 800 people worldwide. Now, a pandemic is considered a global disease outbreak. And this differs from an outbreak of an epidemic because it affects a wider geographical area. It’s worldwide. It infects a greater number of people than an epidemic. And it’s often caused by a new virus or a strain of a virus that has to be circulating among people for a long time. So that is the definition of the pandemic. That’s why we’re saying it’s a pandemic but I also think that we’re using the pandemic word as a fear tactic to make people think that you’re going to die if you get this. And that is not necessarily the case, especially if we bring on early onset treatment. If we were treating early when people got sick instead of turning them away, and saying there’s absolutely nothing we can do for you. Just go home, wait, so you can’t breathe and then come back to the hospital. And we’ll put you on a ventilator. That is not treatment. That is not what we do in medicine. We just never treated any illness that way before. Even when we had the Ebola outbreak, we were trying different things to help these people. But with this particular COVID SARS, two, we’re not giving people any opportunity for any kind of early onset treatment. We’re discrediting any practitioner who’s talking about things that we can do to help people. And we’re telling people that just be prepared, if you get this, you’re going to die. I don’t like fear tactics. I don’t like pressuring people. I think people need to be informed. And in our holistic practice of medicine, we need to have tools in our toolbox that we can use that can help us protect and heal ourselves. So that this doesn’t have to be a death sentence for people. This is craziness in my mind.

Now, let’s talk for just a moment here about what some what are some of the things that you can do to protect yourself? Well, first and foremost, you know, good hygiene, wash your hands. Take your vitamin C every day. Vitamin D is the most important thing that you could be doing for yourself right now. Many of us, especially those of us who live in the north have very low vitamin D levels, because we’re not in the sun enough. There’s some genetic mutations that can prevent you from absorbing vitamin D from your food sources, which can make it a challenge to get enough vitamin D into you. We believe that your vitamin D levels should be between 60 and 80. So that you can have good protection. So if you get your vitamin D level tested, and it’s in the 30s, and your doctor says yes, this is fine, you’re in the normal range, I would disagree with that 30 is way too low, and it’s not going to protect you you need vitamin D to make your immune system strong, and give you what your body needs for protection. The other thing I would say is we want zinc on board. We want somewhere between 30 and 50 milligrams minimum for zinc, you could use up to 100 milligrams of zinc a day, I would just be a little cautious using that for a long period of time because zinc has a lot of other capabilities and can change your hormonal structure a little bit. So be careful using 100 milligrams for months and months and months and months at a time.

I love a product called Transfer Factor. It’s a great immune product, and it can really help support your immune system. And we’ve seen it bring up white blood cell count levels when they’ve been low. We use it in a lot of our chronically ill people it is extremely helpful. I like to travel with a product called takuna from nutrigenetics to qunar is a really good antiviral product. It’s a liquid tincture, and this can be used in a titrated dose depending on age. I would not use it in pregnant women or breastfeeding moms because we we don’t have studies to show its safety effectiveness with pregnant moms. So pregnant moms need to stay with things like vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C.

Now there are protocols that you can use that the frontline doctors have put out for other practitioners to help as a preventative and to treat early onset. These are things like hydroxychloroquine ivermectin cultures in predators zone. Paul McCourt inhalers and and you do need an antibiotic on board, we are seeing two to 3% of the cases. testing positive for mycoplasma pneumonia and chlamydia pneumonia, which are bacterial infections that cause bronchitis and pneumonia. So we want an antibiotic on board if you’re acutely ill, as a preventative, there are people that are using hydroxychloroquine a couple of times a week. And or pairing that with ivermectin dosed by weights, either once a week or every other week.

So these are great tools that people can have to protect themselves. It’s very important for us to protect ourselves. This is the key. If our healthcare practitioners and our leaders are not going to put this forth, we need To do this ourselves, we have always needed to protect ourselves. We never needed to depend on our government to protect us. That is not their role. That is not their job. Our job is to protect ourselves and our families and prepare our families and ourselves for whatever emergency may come up. So I want to turn the conversation a little bit to talk about the authorization for emergency use with the Pfizer shot and the FDA. So actually, two weeks today, the FDA announced that they were going to give approval to one of Pfizer’s vaccines commonality. The FDA did approve this particular vaccine for 16 years and older. However, they gave an extended use authorization until Pfizer presented to them all of their data with this shot, so they have to now disclose to them by today. what ingredients are present, what their studies were actually like, what they found, including all of the complications, all of the deaths, all of the manufacturing, where it’s been manufactured, how it’s been manufactured, has been kept hold, they need to provide all of that to the FDA by today. Now, the emergency use allows vaccines, tests and treatments to be used during the public health emergency based on best available evidence without it being fully FDA approved. So we have three right now that have a you a emergency use authorization that’s Pfizer, Madonna and the j&j. Madonna has also submitted an application for their COVID-19 shot to be fully approved by the FDA to people 18 years and older. They’ve also requested authorization for a half dose booster shot.

J and J, they expect to follow same type of thing where they’re going to request full approval later this year. Now, there are significant differences between Pfizer and Moderna’s shot. Moderna’s is the strongest, it has 100 units of whatever active ingredient they have in there. We know there’s seven ingredients now compared to the two that they started with. Pfizer is at 30. So Pfizer is considerably weaker than Moderna. What we’re seeing is a breakthrough case rates of about 50% with Pfizer’s jab. So if people have gotten the Pfizer jab, about 50% of those are failing to protect them from developing COVID. Now we knew all along that these shots were not going to protect you from developing COVID. Their thought process was it would reduce the severity and you wouldn’t end up in the hospital, and you most likely wouldn’t die. That is not panning out either at this point. So people who have gotten the Pfizer jab and or the Moderna jab are having a significant breakthrough rate, and they are getting COVID. And they are not being treated and they are sicker. And it appears that they may be getting this delta variant. But again, remember, unless you’re getting sequencing testing, you don’t know if what you have is delta variant or if you have something else. Now the FDA schedules an advisory committee meeting to review Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine booster dose application. And they have until September 17, to review the submission process, and Pfizer will have to again, get them all of that information. And they’re scheduled to meet on the 17th to decide whether or not this booster shot should be approved or not. Now, it’s interesting in the last couple of weeks, the top two FDA officials who have a deciding factor as to whether or not Pfizer will be approved, stepped down and handed in their resignation. Initially they were to leave in October and November of this year. And after they announced their resignation, they decided to speed up their removal process and they are already gone. Now what does that mean for us? We don’t really know. Does the FDA have other people that were investigating Pfizer’s approval?

Don’t know? Does this mean that these people were feeling pressured to approve something that they didn’t like what they were seeing? Possibly don’t know? Does this mean that somebody else is going to come in and just approve the Pfizer jab and not look at all the data possibly don’t know. An interesting factor, though, is that Fauci is married to the head of the FDA. So when you wonder what’s going on, I will tell you the same thing I have told people for years, you need to follow the money trail. If you follow the money trail, you will be able to see exactly what is happening and who is involved. It’s always been true from the entire history of time, people do things for money. And if you follow the money trail far enough, you will find the answers to your questions. So back to the FDA approval process. So the vaccine and related biological products advisory committee is scheduled to meet before September 20, to announce by the Biden administration, which booster doses will be offered to the general public. So here’s my question number three. If this job was so wonderful, and so effective, why would we need a booster? That’s my third question. Why? So we already know between the number of people that have already taken the job, and the number of people who were infected, that that equals over 400 million people higher than what our population actually is? Why do we need another booster if the ones we have were effective? So here’s another interesting fact that I just found out yesterday, and that is that the CDC just changed their wording of which what constitutes a vaccine. So in the past, a vaccine had to stop the spread of a virus or bacteria, whatever it was working on, it had to stop the spread of the infection, and it had to produce immunity to that specific disease. Well, now they’ve changed the word immunity to protection. So we no longer have to have a vaccine that protects you from getting the disease. So you’ll never get it like polio, or like measles, mumps and rubella. Now, it only has to protect you from the disease. Well, what does that mean? Well, we don’t actually know. But you don’t have to have immunity to it. So they’re constantly changing their narrative to fit what they want. This is crazy. We don’t do this in medicine people. This is not how we functioned. Now, in our functional world. We have questioned the CDC for years, we have wondered over time, what side of medicine are they actually on? Because they’re paid by people. And so they have changed their narrative much like this for many, many, many years.

We can see it full blown at this point, exactly which side the CDC sits on. And it is incredible. It’s absolutely incredible. So I want to give you some more statistics. So the CDC according to the CDC, there were 40,000 new cases this week. And and based on the just let’s just base this on the 140 7 million people who have gotten the job, that only equates to 0.0272% of the people getting COVID. So once again, we’re not dealing with a pandemic. Now, here’s another interesting statistic as of August 26, the Health Department reported cases of a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children never seen before. It’s a new diagnosis. And they had a total of 4661 cases and 41 deaths. Now I want to put this into perspective because when you look at these numbers, this doesn’t sound big at all, but I want to remind you when we had the swine flu demmick and they created a vaccine, that vaccine was removed from the market with only 25 deaths. That has been our threshold all along that if something creates 25 deaths, it’s not worth the risk for us to take it. And here we have 41 deaths of children between the ages of five and 13 that have died. Now, the mean age of these people with this multisystem inflammatory syndrome was nine years old. Half of them were between the ages of five and 13 61% reported patients of race ethnicity, according to children in the Hispanic Latino population, that was about 1316 patients of the 4661. And black non Hispanic was 1360 to 99% of these patients had a positive test for SARS, COVID, two, and the remaining 1% had contact with somebody with COVID-19 60% of these people were male. So we’re seeing a condition of young men that are being affected by multisystem inflammatory syndrome. We also know that young men under the age of 30, who have taken the jab also have a higher risk of mild carditis was, which is a severe inflammation of the heart, which leaves permanent damage, not temporary damage. And within a five year period of time, 66% of those people are likely to develop congestive heart failure. These are significant concerns. And when I watch the news, and I hear people say this is a minimal risk to take for what we’re dealing with. This is bullshit people (excuse my french) but 66% of our young people who’ve been infected with myocarditis could potentially die in five year period of time, this is not insignificant, and tell that to the families of these young people who will never be normal because they have a mild carditis.

I am sickened to death to listen to the politicians speak like this and even listen to our chief medical examiner’s and our chief medical officers talk about people’s lives this way. It is unbelievable, in my opinion, that we can deal with this, and people can get away with it. It’s just unbelievable. Some other statistical data that I learned from Dr. uden, who was the CEO of Pfizer at one point, and he’s been looking over their research and the information they’re providing to the FDA. So he’s looked at Moderna and Pfizer’s jabs and the Moderna provided data to the FDA that their jab decreased fertility in rats by 18%. This is a huge reduction in fertility. If people understand how rats multiply, they are extremely fertile, so an 18% reduction in fertility is a huge number. Pfizer’s nanoparticles have been found to concentrate in the ovaries at 300%. So 300% of those nanoparticles stay confined to the ovaries. What does this mean? We don’t exactly know, but we know it’s not good. We also know that the Pfizer jab has a protein reaction that occurs in the placenta of pregnant women and causes the placenta to calcify, causing that placenta to calcify is increasing the risk of miscarriage and stillbirths. And so these babies are slowly dying when their placenta can no longer provide the nutrition and the oxygen that they need to survive inside the womb. The womb is supposed to be the most protective place we have. And here we are calcifying the placenta, causing an autoimmune reaction to occur inside the placenta for our own bodies to attack the placenta and kill our unborn children. And yet we still say this isn’t a big enough risk for people. We’re still telling people that are pregnant, that this vaccine is safe. It is not safe. It is not effective. So why are we telling people this? That is my question number four, why are we telling people it’s safe and effective when we don’t fully know or understand not Only what will happen today. But what will happen three years, five years 10 years from now? That is the biggest question that we have today. And I am frightened for the people who have taken the jab and the people who have gotten COVID. What will happen to them going forward in their years to come, we don’t know 100% at this point. Now, we also know that women between the ages of 18 and 48 should not be receiving the job because of the high risk of blood clots. And this is from any of the manufacturers, Pfizer, Madonna, j&j, none of them are safe for women between the ages of 18 and 48. They have a higher risk of blood clot because of their hormone production. We also know that seniors who have received the shot are the highest group of people that are dying from complications and side effects from the shot itself. Now, there are significant risks for cardiac neurological disease and clotting, that happens after the shot, this typically is going to happen between two and 30 days after the shot. It can happen a little later than that. We’re also seeing kidney failure and liver failure happening in people randomly, no reason. And then it seems to reverse itself. In some cases. There are a lot of things that are happening with these shots, and people are not connecting the dots. They’re not asking people, when did you have your last shot compared to when did this happen? And we’re not putting two and two together, we’re saying, well, these happen in rare k in rare cases. recare says my eye, we need to be looking long term of what’s happening with these people that got the job, because Pfizer and Madonna are not. And what’s being reported to the various database is completely.

It’s just it’s not even a fraction, it’s less than 1% of what’s actually happening out there are being reported to the various database. So for those of you who don’t know what the various databases, it is a reporting system for vaccine injuries, or that vaccine adverse effects. And these adverse effects should be reported to this database. So they can compile the data, and they can start to see where the trends are. Anyone can access the bears database, you can also search it in an Excel spreadsheet. So if you want to search deaths, you can search that if you want to search for headaches or sore arms or paralysis, any of that you can search and it will give you the total number of people who’ve suffered that consequence from that vaccine. And it will, it will separate out which job they got. So we know that there’s all these problems, we know that there are concerns with this job. And people are ignoring it.

I want to ask you my last question. My fifth and final question here is if this was so good, why would we be paying people $100 to get the job? Why would be we’d be forcing people to take the job by holding their careers and their jobs over their head and saying if you don’t get this, you don’t have a job. If this was so good, why would we be holding Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement from the hospitals if they don’t have 80% of their people vaccinated? If this was so good, why would we still have 40,000 cases? every single week of COVID? Why would we still have the number of deaths that we have today? If this was so good, if this was doing what it should have done, we would have seen a change already with over 406 million people having immunity from the jab or having immunity from the virus itself when we only have 388 million people in the US. So I want you to ask yourself these questions and say, what is really going on here? How do I get involved? And what do I need to do? We got in this place. Because we were all busy. We were all looking in a different direction. We were all earning money to take care of our families. And we weren’t paying attention to what our governments were doing. That’s how we got in this place. How do we get out of this place? Depends on you and me. Depends on what we do depends on how willing we are to get involved depends on how many questions we’re willing to ask. And it depends on what We’re willing to do and what we’re willing to sacrifice for our health freedoms. People, if you lose your freedom to treat your body, your temple the way you want to treat it, it’s a slippery slope, we’ll lose every other freedom that we have. It is my job to teach people and educate people. And it is your job to make the decision of what’s best for you and your family. But you can’t make that decision without solid good data. You have to use an educated decision making process.

And that’s what Let’s Talk Wellness Now is here for today is to give you an education so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. Whatever that decision is. I’m not saying don’t take the vaccine, I’m not saying take the Vax. I’m saying look at the data and make the best decision for you. make the best decision for your family. But people get in the game, whether you took the job or didn’t take the job, but you believe in the right to choose your decisions of health for your body. You need to get in this fight. Because it is about freedom. It is not just about a job. It is not just about a job. It is such a bigger platform than this. So with that, I’m going to sign off today. And I hope that this was helpful for you. I hope that this gets you to start digging into information. And I hope this helps you get connected with people that can help support you your decision, your values. And we can move this country forward and preserve our freedom of health so that everyone gets to decide what’s in the best interest for them. Thank you. God bless all of you. Be safe, be well and be strong. Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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