Episode 145: Edible Vaccines Have Been Explored for Years

We think the concept of edible vaccines is new since CV 19 it has been since the 1990s that Big Pharma has been studying edible vaccines. We need to know what goes into our food source so we have control over what we put into our bodies. 

Do not miss these highlights:

04:35 – Edible vaccines are not a brand new phenomenon, it has been looked at for a very long time already

05:43 – The perceived advantages and benefits of edible vaccines are not the real concern with them

08:49 – We may not know if the food we’re consuming has vaccine material attached

10:09 – The difference between having a positive immune response versus protection against disease

13:30 – The concern that this is Big Pharma’s way of trying to make more money by lowering its cost of production and taking doctors out of the mixture

14:13 – They’re looking for a larger number of edible species converting it into vaccine antigens

21:09 – In integrative medicine, there is no vaccine that’s going to boost your immune system

21:32 – Algae-based edible vaccines and the cross-contamination of yields that can happen with green algae.

22:19 – A look at insect cell-based vaccines

26:18 – The specific issues related to edible vaccines 

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