Episode 145: Edible Vaccines Have Been Explored for Years

We think the concept of edible vaccines is new since CV 19 it has been since the 1990s that Big Pharma has been studying edible vaccines. We need to know what goes into our food source so we have control over what we put into our bodies. 

Do not miss these highlights:

04:35 – Edible vaccines are not a brand new phenomenon, it has been looked at for a very long time already

05:43 – The perceived advantages and benefits of edible vaccines are not the real concern with them

08:49 – We may not know if the food we’re consuming has vaccine material attached

10:09 – The difference between having a positive immune response versus protection against disease

13:30 – The concern that this is Big Pharma’s way of trying to make more money by lowering its cost of production and taking doctors out of the mixture

14:13 – They’re looking for a larger number of edible species converting it into vaccine antigens

21:09 – In integrative medicine, there is no vaccine that’s going to boost your immune system

21:32 – Algae-based edible vaccines and the cross-contamination of yields that can happen with green algae.

22:19 – A look at insect cell-based vaccines

26:18 – The specific issues related to edible vaccines 

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Transcription of Episode #145:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms. Have you seen 20 Plus medical doctors only to be told your symptoms are in your head? Or you need an antidepressant? We understand your frustrations? Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Tired of not getting the answers you need to regain your health, tired of not feeling listened to by your doctor at Serenity Health Care Center, we understand and we will help you find the cause of your symptoms. Together we will create a path to health. We specialize in combining the best of conventional and natural medicine to get you back to doing what you love. We have worked with the most complex chronic diseases such as chronic Lyme COVID, long hollers autoimmune disease, mold toxicity, and hormonal imbalances. But if you’re not sick, that’s fantastic. We will work with you to maintain your health so that you can prevent illness. give our office a call to see how we can help you regain your health and vitality at 262-522-8640. Or check us out at our website at Serenity health care. center.com. Hi, this is Dr. Deb from let’s talk wellness now. And tonight I want to talk to you about edible vaccines. You know, there’s a lot of controversy and a lot of talk recently about edible vaccines. And this thought that edible vaccines are just starting to come now because of COVID-19, when that’s actually not true. The first successful human trial for an edible vaccine was conducted in 1997, where volunteers were fed trans genic potatoes, which possessed the subunit of an Ecoli virus that caused the toxin and caused was the responsibility for some diarrhea. Now, they’ve also looked at providing the hepatitis B vaccine via potato. So it seems like potatoes is the food of choice for us to provide vaccines to the public. Not from an injection standpoint, but by feeding us this substance. Now, scientists are saying that there could be some drawbacks to this. But they also feel as though there could be some huge potential in the fact that using edible vaccines that are more sustainable than the injectable vaccines in the terms of productivity and environmental impact. Overall, the edible vaccines also create less waste, they require less energy, and they lead to a more productive world. And I’m quoting this because fewer resources are expanded on people who are ill from vaccine preventable diseases. Wow, I can’t even believe this is what I’m actually reading. They go on to say before the vaccine can be released to the market for actual use. It must go through years of clinical trials and testing. Not at all what we’re seeing here, and then it must be cleared by the FDA. Edible vaccines could be the solution to the lack of vaccination against hepatitis B. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t think there’s a lack of hepatitis B when every newborn infant is vaccinated with hepatitis B, literally the moment they come out of their mother. So I don’t think there’s such a big problem with the vaccination issue

Debra Muth 4:27
where they have to put it into our food, but that’s what they’re claiming, at least according to the development of an edible vaccine to prevent Hepatitis B document. And these people actually started looking at providing the hepatitis B vaccine into an edible form back in the 90s. So this is not a brand new phenomenon. We’re looking at this is technology that they have been looking at for a very long time already. So when we think that a lot of these things are just starting to come out, because of COVID-19 not true at all, these are things that they have been looking at for decades. You know, we already realize that the patent for COVID-19 vaccine was taken out back in the 90s, as well, as were the patents for the treatment for the vaccine. So according to this document, what they’re saying the advantages and benefits of edible vaccines are, is that they possess significant advantages that cannot be overlooked, mind you, when compared to the traditional injectable vaccines, the benefits of edible vaccines become clear, because the drawbacks of an injectable vaccine can be resolved now with an edible vaccine. So they’re assuming that the biggest problem to a vaccine is the injection itself, not the fact that maybe people don’t want to be inoculated with a toxin, maybe not the fact that they already had a adverse reaction to the vaccine material, nothing like that. It’s just that people are adverse to getting an injection itself. Now, they also go on to say the apparent characteristics of an edible vaccine is that they can be consumed, obviously, on the surface level, which eliminates the pain and the fear of pain that some patients experience when getting a injected vaccine. Furthermore, this feature makes administration easy, which promotes compliance, especially among children. The edible means of the administration also means that there’s a decreased need for medical professionals and a reduced need for sterile conditions. So now they want to take out of the picture, a medical professional, their decision making process around who gets a vaccine and who doesn’t. And they just want to inoculate everyone and anyone, regardless of their medical status and their medical history, they go on to say that edible vaccines are heat stable, so refrigeration is not required, and they can be stored near the site of use. And because of the reduced need for specific conditions, edible vaccines are economically favorable. And moreover, edible vaccines are just much less expensive than traditional vaccines to mass produce and transport. Another benefit of the vaccines. So as you see, this all comes down to money, right? How can we make things cheaper, easier, more effective, and get people to comply? What what to whatever it is that we want them to comply to, without their knowledge, mind you? Do you honestly think that they’re going to tell any of us that the foods we’re consuming, have been prepared with transgenic technology that inoculate us with a vaccine? That’s my question. And my answer is most likely not. They will not be telling us that our foods are going to be manipulated like this, and that we are going to be consuming things you see in this country. They don’t even want to tell us that our food has been genetically modified. They don’t want to tell us where our food supply comes from. They don’t want to have to label if our food has been manipulated in any way, shape, or form.

Debra Muth 9:19
So do we really think they’re going to tell us that the food we’re consuming has vaccine material attached to it? I can tell you that answer is going to be a big fat no. They have already asked for edible vaccines to have applications for many other diseases. Besides hepatitis B. They are looking at developing edible vaccines for malaria and measles to stop auto immunity Why would we be doing that? They’re using this in the veterinary field already to protect livestock against parasitic diseases. And studies have shown that after consuming the vaccines, the animals have demonstrated positive immune response to the antigen levels. And they have increased. Now there’s a difference between having a positive immune response versus a protection against disease. Those are two separate things, we can show that by inoculating you with something, you have an immune response in your body. But that does not necessarily mean that disease is going to be prevented as a result of that. And that is one of the biggest things that we’re not looking at with vaccination. Now, there are some people that are opposing this, and those who are opposing it. They’re opposing it from the genetic modified organization. So GMOs, which is the foundation behind the development of the vaccine itself. And the stance on those who oppose the vaccination, of course, is unknown at this time, according to this document. But despite the unanswered questions in the opposition, edible vaccines prevent an innovative new solution to help countless individuals around the world that cannot receive traditional vaccines for a variety of reasons. I call a huge, huge BS on this, there are going to be more people that are going to be standing up and saying no to edible vaccines, simply because of the fact that we don’t have a right to be manipulating our food, and putting things into our food without us understanding what it does to us. Do we really know that these edible vaccines are safe? Well, not necessarily. So some of the statistics have shown that an entire population of China requires only 40 acres of land for production of hepatitis B edible vaccines annually.

Debra Muth 12:18
As of this 200 acres of a plot is required for the production of edible vaccines for all infants in the world. They are ready to vaccinate all of our children with an experimental inoculation. People we have to start stepping up and saying no, they’re already looking at various edible products like plants, algae, insect cells, whole yeast, lactic lactic acid bacteria, which are used as alternative agents for parental vaccines. You know, I don’t know about you, but it gets very frightening. When we start manipulating nature in these ways. We start looking at things and doing things differently. Without truly knowing, is this going to increase our risk for cancer? Is this going to increase our risk for autoimmune disease? What kind of effect is this going to have on our lifestyle, our life, like our life expectancy, you know, this is all big farmers way of trying to make more money by lowering its cost of production, and taking doctors out of the mixture. Now, aside from potatoes, they have already generalized an application successful to genetic transfer transformation methods in plants, including tomatoes, maize, tobacco, bananas, carrots, and peanuts, and they’ll have a bigger, brighter future on edible vaccines. So we need to start looking at this. They’re also looking at a till date for a larger number of edible species such as lettuce, tomato, potato, papaya, carrot, quinoa, and of course, tobacco again, converting all of these things into vaccine antigens. I don’t know you guys, this is really scary. What they’re looking at doing is using potato for a model of vaccines against tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, and Norwalk virus, and their first attempt to develop an edible vaccine in potato is for intra itis caused by Ecoli strain. And the potato may also have a role as an oral surgeon. strengthening to hepatitis B in humans and edible vaccine against milk enteritis vaccine virus attack was developed also in potatoes, and they tried to develop a vaccine for rabbit hemorrhagic virus in wild rabbits. Now the main benefit of producing edible vaccines from potatoes is the ease of transformation and propagation. There’s no need for refrigeration or storage. And the main disadvantage is for cooking, because it can denature the antigen itself. So they’ve also looked at Rice as a species for development of edible vaccines. And they were looking at this commonly used in baby food and high expression of antigen, but what they found is it grows slowly and requires glasshouse conditions. So in 2007, a study conducted in transgenic rice called Oryza was a significant amount of antibodies against ecoli. And the functional expression of hepatitis B in rice seeds was confirmed in 2008. And vaccine development from the rice plant will have a massive power on the public health where rice is a major source of food. So do you see where their thinking goes? Like if somebody has a large food intake of something that is where they want to place these inoculations onto our food supply.

Debra Muth 16:37
Also looking at banana this was a commonly used plant species in the production of edible vaccine, because it doesn’t need to be cooked. The proteins were not destroyed after cooking. And of course, once again, it’s inexpensive when compared to other plants. They use banana to express Hepatitis B and the leaf contains the antigen. The disadvantage is it can take two to three years to mature and spoils after ripening. Now for those of you who know about toxicology and plants, bananas are one of the most toxic foods we can eat if it’s not grown organically, so it’s very easy for them to put some of these things into our food sources. Now interesting Lee enough tomato was effective against Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS caused by Coronavirus, which was first established in the tomato. They found that it protected better against Norwalk virus, then vaccines produced from potato and the leaves, stems, fruits and other tissues has the ability to express the cholera B toxin. So tomatoes have also been used in the expression of hepatitis B. And they claim it’s an effective vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease. Because it stopped the expression of beta amyloid proteins, vaccines for pneumonia septicemia bubonic plague were also developed from tomatoes and it grows quickly and cultivate broadly. Why would we need a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease unless Alzheimer’s disease was actually caused by a bacterial infection or a viral infection? That’s an interesting question that we need to start asking because there are many people that believe Alzheimer’s disease is affected by bacterial and viral and parasitic infections that cross the blood brain barrier. So some interesting thoughts, we move on to lettuce which they also find as an effective model against enteric disease both in animals and humans caused by ecoli. And they use a glycoprotein e two expression for lettuce classically for swine fear, which is a hog pest. You know, this plant is mainly used raw, so they found that it could be beneficial against Hepatitis B as well. Now, tobacco is not an edible plant, but it was used in a model for the development of edible vaccines. A vaccine was developed in tobacco for Norwalk virus in 1996 that caused gastroenteritis. And tobacco actually expresses a protein against chicken infectious anemia. So tobacco has the ability to express something called a polypeptide related to hepatitis B. People we wow I’m just blown away by looking at this document and seeing all the different effects of what could causing these issues now. They’re also looking at alfalfa to be used as an edible vaccine for veterinarian purposes. Transgenic alfalfa helps to prevent against hog pest virus, which was developed in 2005. Carrots were not only healthy and delicious, as they call them, but they are a great edible vaccine for vaccines against HIV, which mind you we have yet to have a good HIV vaccine as Fauci has been working on since 1980, and has also put into the COVID-19 vaccines. Now, they’re also looking at it for ecoli and H. Pylori bacteria. And they say people with a weak immune system get proper benefit from consuming this type of antigen containing a carrot. Now, I’m sorry, if you have a decreased immune system. We’re on Earth do adding inoculations like this, support your immune system in any way shape or form. In our integrative medicine, there is no vaccine that’s going to boost your immune system, you need to be boosting your immune system with things like vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin,Vitamin K, two and zinc, things like that that are going to truly boost your immune system, not inoculations.

Debra Muth 21:22
Now they’re also looking at algae based edible vaccines, green micro algae, which have turned out to be profoundly valuable according to them in protein generation stages for an assortment of industrial and treatment applications. Now, some of this algae, you know, we think of green algae as being somewhat healthy, but there are times that it could not be so healthy. There are cross contamination of yields that can happen with green algae. And there can be more complications. Now according to them, there’s more regulatory perspectives that make green algae not such a great product to be using for a vaccine. And then we get into insect cell based vaccines. So in insect cell culture, innovation was acknowledged as an option for generations of recombinant proteins, including subunit vaccines. They were looking at these things, to use the recombinant proteins to create frameworks as a coating or an uncoated inoculation. So essentially, what they want to do is express a scheme of baculovirus, which was not resistant to cultivated cells alone, the larvae and the poopa of the insects can be used in the manufacturing proteins. Seriously, we’re going to use the larvae, the eggs of these insects to create an inoculation. I don’t know about you, I spend a lot of time in my office, trying my best to get insects bacterias parasites viruses out of the party, not working on putting them into the body. So they’re also looking at an application for edible vaccines for malaria. And recently, there’s three antigens that are selected for the development of edible vaccines for malaria. One was a surface protein MSP for an MSP five from the plus plasmodium form, and they were looking at oral administration of these recombinant MSPs and their therapy with cholera toxin B. They use large quantities of antigens to be incorporated into the plants to express a minimum amount of antigen itself. Wow, guys, I honestly don’t know what else to possibly say. They’re also looking at edible vaccines for measles.

Debra Muth 24:29
The measles Live Attenuated Vaccine has no oral efficacy and is destroyed on maintenance of a cold chain of refrigeration. Maternal antibody presence in the measles vaccine reduces its effectiveness. So there’s a two surface protein that are hemagglutinin and fusion proteins and one with a wild type measles virus. So they’re looking at samples Have the animals vaccinated vaccinated with measles to show a presence of IGA antibodies, and studies revealed that transgenic carrot plant is the best choice for measles vaccination. Now, for those of you who are aware of the measles problem is the MMR MMR vaccine that children get that we see a high incidence of autism occur shortly after that vaccination. Now, if we are concerned at all about vaccinating our children, we should be extremely concerned about them putting these proteins and these vaccination materials into our food source and having us consume them. Whether we know it’s happening or not. Now in January of 2005, the who conducted a meeting regarding the regulatory evaluation of plant based vaccines. And the meeting ended up by concluding that the existing guidelines for development, evaluation and use of vaccines made by conventional methods can be applied in the production of edible vaccines. There were specific issues related to edible vaccines, plant derived vaccines should be clinically tested under the US investigational new drug application and must also follow all regulatory and GMP requirements. So the future of edible vaccine depends on many different criteria. How well would it be approved by the population so that it’s necessary to make aware of the society on the use and benefits of edible vaccines. And in some areas, it’s believed that genetically modified plants and products were a threat like evil spirits, and destroy the world. So there’s a crucial role to awaken the people from this myth of evil spirits by the authorities. Wow, people I don’t know I sometimes feel like I’m living in a sci fi movie. The next important benchmark is to check its stability of the genetically modified plants and proper isolation of the plant itself. And sometimes the trans gene causes allergies. Hmm, go figure that plant made oral vaccines might induce allergic reactions during the post translational translational modifications, and oral tolerance when co administered with oral adjuvants to mostly activate the mucosal immune system and provoke hypersensitivity responses to other proteins contained in daily food. So we might create an allergen. Now mind you, we already have a major problem with food allergies, partially due to GMO partially due to infections, creating gut lining issues, partially due to overconsumption and manipulation of how our plants are derived. So they go on to say that the major challenge of edible vaccines is its approval from the public, as there are some opinions such as genetically modified products harm society, as well as environment and closely monitoring. This is required, while growing plants for the production of edible vaccines, as there’s a chance of cross contamination in molecular farming between genetically modified plants and non genetically modified plants during pollination. So there is a possibility of accidentally entering a pharmaceutical into a human food chain that may also affect the wildlife and edible vaccines can produce complex multimeric proteins that cannot be expressed by the microbial system. And it is safe and effective method of vaccination. As the benefits of edible vaccines are prominent enough to overcome side effects. Proper research and development in this area is required.

Debra Muth 29:19
Well, if it’s anything like what we’ve seen recently, with proper development of our vaccines with COVID-19, I can tell you that we’re most likely not going to see proper evaluation and proper scientific research from both sides. We’re going to see one side which is going to be our pharmaceutical industry pushing for what they want because of cost and the ability to manipulate the people in the direction that they want. Now, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of this that’s happened in the last 18 months, it’s This, in order for us to make a stand on what we’re doing, we truly need to start contacting our congress people, and letting them know that we do not want them to be injecting things into our food supply. without our knowledge, and we don’t want them to be manipulating our food supply at all. What I would encourage all of you to do is to buy organic seeds. Now, whether you plant them or you stockpile them, have them so that should this come down the pike in the next year or two, because it’s going to come faster than we think. You will have seeds that you will be able to grow your own food and know exactly what’s been put into your food. The other option you have is to purchase food from your mom and pop farmer, your farmers market. Your Amish farmers, your Mennonite farmers were they still cultivating grow organic seeds with very little manipulation to the crop at all. That is the only way you are going to have a food source that is going to be safe, and you will know exactly where your food comes from. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer today on this episode. But when this came out this week, talking about the edible vaccines I wanted to hop on and give you a quick evaluation of what I’m seeing in the world of edible vaccines. Now, for those of you who have popped in and out of this episode, note that I am not in favor of edible vaccines. I’m not in favor at all of us manipulating our food source. I think our food source needs to say confined and contained in nature the way God created it not with human manipulation. So thank you for listening to this episode. Please share it and like it. Leave us a comment below. I know it is extremely controversial, but I really think it’s important for you guys to know what’s going on today with it. Thanks.

Debra Muth 32:04
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast and if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest.

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