Episode 149: 2021 – The Year of the Pandemic

Dr. Deb shares the failures and successes of the 2021 pandemic year. If you are looking for an overview of what has been happening, it is in this episode. She also shares what you should take to help support your body against illness and if you took the jab, what you need to be looking out for. 

Do not miss these highlights:

03:16  – A review of the significant differences in the deaths that have been reported by different countries

06:20  – Since the lockdown the BMJ British Medical Journal study as of June 24, 2021, showed that the US life expectancy decreased by 1.9 years

08:28 – The World Health Organization does not advocate for lockdowns as a primary means of controlling this virus

12:00 – Medicare paid hospitals $39,000 per ventilator that was used to treat COVID compared to their normal $13,000 

17:26 – Other than a lockdown, no solutions were ever discussed or offered as options for prevention, nor any early treatment options

19:23 – Many physicians and medical professionals are being silenced and threatened to have their licenses revoked if they offer any kind of early treatment, or discuss the concerns about the vaccine 

23:37 – Research has found that if we use repurposed medications early, the number of deaths due to COVID would have been drastically reduced. 

25:40 – Recommendations for those who have had Covid or have already received the jab

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