Episode 171: Can Antioxidants Help Us Live Longer with Chris Burres

What is an antioxidant? Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. How do Nanotechnology and antioxidants work together? The low molecular weight of these antioxidants allows them to interact with ROS (free radicals.) Sounds a little crazy right? But it’s true these two amazing things work together to reduce inflammation and repair cellular damage. Dr. Deb Interviews scientist Chris Burres and he shares this amazing new product called MyVitalC which combines antioxidants and nanotechnology and is helping people feel better and reduce inflammatory conditions. 

Do not miss these highlights:

03:38 The origin of ESS60, and how it was discovered.

06:03 How this soccer ball-shaped molecule, ESS60 can extend lifespan by 90%.

06:42 If you reduce your calorie consumption by 30%, you can extend your life by 30%.

10:16 There’s a massive structural difference between the soccer ball-shaped molecule and Graphene.

11:15 What is Nanotechnology or Nanomaterials, and how can they be beneficial?

14:11 How MyVitalC products work on reducing free radicals and working on healing some of the mitochondrial damage.

17:14 Why ESS60 is in olive oil.

21:09 ESS60 in Olive oil – How it tastes and how healthy it is.

24:09 Chris Burres journey in the supplement industry.

27:33 Why you should be careful buying supplements on Amazon.

29:13 Seeing those testimonials from people led Chris in formulating the product that somebody else can utilize easier and better

33:09 How detrimental sleep is for your mental focus and your mental intellectual capabilities and your physical.

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About our Guest:

Some may call him a mad scientist but don’t let the lab coat fool you! Chris Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nano materials, and MyVitalC, the world’s first nano antioxidant. Chris has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including Mechanical Engineering, Comedy Improv Artist, Oil and Gas Explosives and Competitive Soccer to name a few. He’s also the co-host of the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes since 2009. When Chris realized a Nobel Prize-Winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make ESS60 into a household item. He’s now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and pain-free lives one dose at a time.

Website: http://www.myvitalc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisburres/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/myvitalc

Instagram: https://instagram.com/myvitalc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myvitalc

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MyVitalC

Check out My VitalC here: www.myvitalc.com/ltwn

Transcript for Episode #171:

Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging and live our lives on our own terms.

Welcome back to Let’s Talk wellness. Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. And today I have with me Chris Burres. Now some may call him the mad scientist but don’t let the lab coat fool you. Chris is the owner of SES research the first company to deliver carbon nanomaterials and my vital see the world’s first nano antioxidant. Chris has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including mechanical engineering, comedy improv artist, oil and gas explosives. Let’s be careful guys, and competitive soccer to name a few. He is also the co-hosts of the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes since 2009. When Chris realized a Nobel Prize winning winning chemistry, tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make Ess 60 into a household item. He is now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier, and pain free lives one dose at a time. I can’t wait to talk to Chris today. You know, we have known about antioxidants for decades. But this is amazing because nano material is really being the talk of medicine right now. And it’s exploding and can do wonderful things for us if done correctly. So without further ado, we’re gonna get a note from our sponsor, and then I’m going to bring Chris in and we are going to have a fantastic conversation today.

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Welcome back. I’m your host, Dr. Deb with let’s talk wellness now. And I have Chris burrows here with me. This is going to be a great conversation. He and I’ve just been chatting a few minutes before we got started. You guys are going to just love him. Chris, welcome to the show.

Dr. Deb, thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here and to share some really kind of very interesting, cutting edge information with you and and your audience.

Oh, thank you. So tell us what my vital C is. I thought when we started, I thought we were going to talk about nanoparticle vitamin C, but that’s not what we’re talking about at all.

At all. No. So we’re gonna we’re gonna go way back, we’re gonna go back to the very beginning. And actually the discovery of a molecule. So in 1985, here in Rice University, which is in Houston was where I’m based, they discovered the third form of carbon, you’ve got diamond, you’ve got graphite, and now you’ve got to have a whole gamut of molecules called fullerenes. The most abundant of them is we kind of affectionately call it a buckyball. So I’m holding up a molecule if you’re just listening, the molecule I’m holding up the best way to imagine it is imagine a soccer ball where the lines on the soccer ball represent the bonds between the carbon atoms. You have a spherical molecule of 60 carbon atoms. The professor’s who discovered this, discovered it in 1985, and then went on to win the Nobel Prize for that discovery in 1996. So a short 11 years from discovery to being awarded the Nobel Prize. The reason they were awarded the Nobel Prizes, this molecule, this soccer ball shaped molecule is absolutely amazing. It’s harder than a diamond, it’ll actually turn into a diamond. It’s got six fold symmetry. One way I describe it is it performs forms as well or better than the current best material in every application. So better inks, better tires, better batteries, better photo cells, there’s actually a new symbol and chemistry because of this molecule. So we’re familiar by the way, that’s I think that’s how you know you’re going to get a Nobel Prize is when you add a symbol to the language of chemistry. So it turns out that the interior of the soccer ball shaped molecule is big enough for any atom on the periodic chart to fit inside of it. So lanthanum at C 60 means lanthanum, physically trapped inside the soccer ball shape, it’s not ionically bonded exterior, it’s not covalently bonded, it’s physically trapped inside of it. That’s something that had never existed prior to the discovery of this molecule. So, so not surprising, they won the Nobel Prize. Now, yours is a health show, and I just talked about a molecule that’s used in ink, batteries, tires and photo cells, people might be going, this is not going the direction that I want it to go. And it’s gonna get a little worse. So they actually assumed for various reasons that this molecule would be toxic. So they did a toxicity study. And they published the results of that toxicity study in 2012. In that study, they gave rats water, rats, olive oil, and then rats all the way on, we say if it’s prepared for consumption, it’s called the ESS 60. That’s the 60 carbon atoms. Instead of being toxic, the rats that they gave the olive oil with Ess 60, really the my vitals the formula to live to 90% longer than the control group. So that’s the single longest longevity experimental result ever. The next best way to live live longer, and you may be familiar with this is called calorie restriction. If you if you reduce your calorie consumption by 30%, I call that the starve yourself 1/3 to death diet, which nobody seems to sign up for, I don’t think maybe they need a whole marketing spin. But if you do reduce your calorie consumption by 30%, you can extend your life by 30%. And that’s been proven in multiple animal models, and in fact, is the driver for all the excitement about intermittent fasting because intermittent fasting shows a lot of the markers that actual calorie restriction shows. So but again, that’s that’s only a 30%, we’re talking about a study where they lived in 90% longer so that that the release of that study really kind of changed my trajectory from being a carbon nanomaterials scientist, you know, a happy go lucky carbon atom material scientist, to getting into the supplement industry and and I just covered a whole lot of really geeky stuff, you may have a question or two, because I can talk about what a What an odd journey it was to go from, and actually how we tried not to go from a carbon nanomaterials science into the supplement industry.

That’s amazing. So why why do we not know that there’s a product out there that can extend our lifespan by 90%? Nobody’s talking about this in the traditional medical world. Yeah. We could probably say why

but Sorry. Yeah. Yeah, I think you know, that we have big pharma concerns, because it is not a it is not a molecule that can be protected. And in fact, even some of the recent recent patents, there’s a recent patent, that’s there’s a lot of ways to work the patent agency, right, the patent office, and recent patents related to positively impacting cancer treatments in pets. Those patents are like, Oh, use this right, you really the Mitel see formula, and this protocol, right. And that’s, that’s usually a hand waving process of saying, now we’ve patented it, but the real thing that’s driving the efficacy is actually the, the ESS 60 in olive oil, right. And so that’s, that’s a, that’s probably a big reason is like, there’s no way to protect it. And the other is I’m I’m just ramping up and like, this is my job, I’m getting to shows like you and you were gracious enough to have me on and share this with as many people as possible because I can tell you in my journey, I have struggled, I didn’t want to get into the supplement industry, you know, for various reasons. And people can probably imagine what those reasons are, and we gonna actually talk about them. But But yeah, it really is effectively following on falling on me and my company, to get the word out about this product and about all the amazing things that it’s doing.

That’s awesome. Tell us a little bit more about this product. It’s nano technology or nanomaterials. Now, in today’s COVID world and the alternative world the nanotechnology is really out there. Like we don’t want that nanotechnology stuff in our body. But in this case, we may see Can you talk a little bit about what nanotechnology actually is?

Yeah, absolutely. And I think when you talk about nanotechnology and kind of the COVID world, specifically carbon nanotechnology is, is a concern in in a number of circles. And that’s really related to graphing. And just first and foremost, there’s a massive structural difference between the soccer ball shaped molecule and graphene, the best way to describe graphene, I think we all know in our lead, there’s graphite, and graphite, the best way to imagine is if you think about a ream of paper, you’ve got layer after layer after layer of flat sheets of graphene, make graphite, right? So graphene has been around forever, it’s still exists. If you ever licked your pencil, you got graphene in your body, like that’s, that’s a fact. And I remember seeing, you know, different TV shows. I think it was Carol Burnett, where some of her characters would actually like lick the pencil all the time before she she wrote. So you’ve had graphene in your body? And if you just take that one sheet, that’s graphene, if you imagine comparing a soccer ball to a sheet of paper. Yeah, they’re, they’re not similar. So in that context, you don’t have to worry from the Nano perspective. In some sense, anything that’s in solution is down to the Nano perspective, right? So some people say, Well, hey, why is it an olive oil? The reality is, is you can take this, this powder, really Ess 60 is a powder, it’s a black powder, and you can consume it. And there’s lots of research that says no problem comes from consuming it, you’ll just excrete it out. The problem is, is those, what you see in your hand is black crystals, right? It’s, it’s kind of like sugar crystals versus dissolved sugar in in water. What what happens is there, it’s not very bioavailable, but the surface area that’s exposed to us as we consume that crystal versus dissolving it is, is it’s hundreds of or 1000s of orders of magnitude different once you put it in the oil. And by the way, not much of this black Ess 60 powder will dissolve in olive oil, we actually have to spin it in containers, we have to protect those containers from oxygen. So they’ve got a nitrogen buffer gas, and we spent it for three weeks. And it’s it’s a strong blending that has this vortex, right. So you can imagine a vortex of olive oil, and you’re just trying to get this powder exposed to as much as the olive oil so that you can get it to dissolve. Now, when you dissolve it, you bring it to a mono monocular scale, right, so individual molecules of this Ess 60 molecule are now floating around, there’s no crystals anymore, because it’s dissolved. That’s also the same with sugar. And when you’ve got sugar crystals, when you dissolve it in water, it’s individual sugar atoms going around, or molecules, not atoms. So So in some sense, nano is not as scary as a lot of people kind of express especially when you talk about graphene, and that those are fundamentally different. But yeah, it is a nanotechnology. And, and we understand that it does very interesting things like cross the blood brain barrier, which can be of concern, we just don’t have any detrimental data to suggest that it’s a concern in this case, we also know that it can get into the mitochondria of individual cells. And and for those who kind of need a refresher the mitochondria is and each cell there is mitochondria multiple, and they are the powerhouses of your cell. Without them, you don’t have what’s called ATP. That’s the energy that your cell uses in order to go about its daily functions or whatever it is that it’s called upon to do. So we do know that it participates there. We also know that it’s a free radical sponge. And so there’s there’s more details in there about the benefits, why it might be benefiting us overall.

And as we age, we can have damage to our mitochondria. And that free radical damage is what we talked about causing an age disease. Right. So can you talk a little bit about how this product works on reducing those free radicals and maybe working on healing some of the mitochondrial damage that we’re exposed to?

Yeah, I can speak a little to that. And I’m going to start with scientists much smarter than me are going to figure out what it what exactly is going on here. In terms of these rats living 90% longer current medical thought is that aging is an oxidation and an inflammation process. Right? So there’s one study, peer reviewed, published that shows this this formula is a is 125 times more powerful than vitamin C. So it’s a great antioxidant. There’s an ad hoc study that shows it to be 172. You know, just a less credible study. So But but interesting that that’s out there. When you think about when this molecule was first discovered, again, an 85 Nobel Prize in 96. And in the early 90s, it was recognized that this molecule could hold six electrons. So that’s six negatively charged particles on the exterior of this. Well, our OSS reactive oxygen species, these are the things that cause oxidation in our bodies are negatively charged molecules. And so this has the ability to actually connect in and hold six reactive oxygen species. So that’s one piece. And in fact, if you had a roomful of of mitochondrial physician experts, and you asked them, Hey, would it be good to have a free radical sponge, in the mitochondria, while it’s going through the process of making ATP? All of them would raise their hand and say Yes, like this is it’s kind of like having a catalytic converter in your engine, so that the exhaust that comes out of the powerhouse of your cell, that mitochondria, the the byproducts are actually mitigated immediately instead of you know, getting into the body and then having to be processed by other other other processes. And, and, and my belief is, and we don’t know this, for sure, this is just current theory. My theory is that it’s doing such a good job at such a core level. That’s why we see testimonials, just across the board, it’s almost system independent, if you’re, if you’ve got a mitochondria, and every one of your cells in your body, liver, kidney, heart, eyes, whatever skin, and this is participating in that mitochondrial process and all of those, then it’s not surprising the testimonials that we’re getting about improvements across the board across all systems and in the body.

That’s amazing. I want to go back to something you had mentioned earlier about spinning this for three weeks. So when you spend the powder in the olive oil, I’m assuming it dilutes the powder. But then that’s what makes it get absorbed through the cell versus just taking the powder in and and having go right through your gut and coming out, it’s really not getting anywhere inside your body without having it mixed in something.

Yeah, it’s kind of like if you if you took a crystal that’s got 100 million atoms in it, right? You can imagine the surface area of that crystal is much, much smaller than having 100 million individual atoms or molecules in this case, floating around, right? So so that is the difference is about bioavailability, there is something that’s important about this and why it’s in all of oil. And actually you have avocado oil, MCT oil, is that that the ESS 60 molecule is not water soluble, right? So typically, that’s, that’s where you get the best uptake into the human body as with water soluble molecules, this one is not water soluble. So it’s got to be presented. And there’s kind of osmosis effects that are happening probably in the in the intestines, because that’s where typically oil based molecules are absorbed. And that’s where that’s happening again, if you just have those crystals, they do go through the intestine, but the surface area is so low, that you’re not getting the the the absorption and therefore the bioavailability.

Gotcha. So it’s much like Vitamin D is not a water soluble vitamin either. But with vitamin D, there’s a risk of getting too much of it. Is there a risk of getting too much of this as well?

That’s a great question. So first, you look into the the original study. And in that study, the rats were effectively given a full cup of olive oil a day if you do a kilogram to consumption to volume consumption. So that’s kind of the equivalent of US drinking a cup of olive oil. We do not have any records, it’s actually our responsibility to report to the FDA, any serious adverse side effects. I’m aware of people well, I’ve heard of people taking 100 mls a day. That’s a lot. I don’t I don’t take 100 mls a day. My current thought process about the toxicity of it is is very similar to the toxicity of olive oil. And frankly, that probably involves drowning. Right?


Right. I’m not aware of you know, at some point consuming too much olive oil, just, you know, isn’t going to be good for you. And even you know, if you drink water too fast, it can be deadly. But I’m not even aware of you know, that’s the hyperhidrosis. I’m not even aware of any of that artifact because it’s oil and our bodies don’t tend to absorb it readily.

Might get a little loose stool.

and that’s one of the things that people report even from our typical serving sizes, one teaspoon about five five mils or one teaspoon and if you’re not used to that, yeah, that can that can run right through you, right. But that’s it just doesn’t take long. You know, it’s two, three days and you’re in your bodies right on it, I can tell you my current routine. Are you a bulletproof coffee person?

I think it’s great. I’m not a coffee person at all. So but I’ve seen for coffee people, it’s great.

Yeah. So So and that’s just a recipe of adding some ghee, some purified butter, and some MCT. Well, we have an MCT product. In fact, that black powder, when you put it in MCT, oil MCT oils are pretty clear oil actually turns a beautiful purple color. It’s just like, surprisingly beautiful purple color. So I instead of using just standard MCT, I use our MCT in our coffee. And while that’s blending, I take about a teaspoon and a half of our olive oil product. And that like revs up my day starts my day. And then for lunch, when I typically have a salad, I’ll put our avocado product on our salad. And so so that’s my typical routine.

So there’s no taste to this product. I’m assuming if you’re putting it on salad, other than the olive oil, there’s probably not a bad taste to it. So people don’t have to worry about that.

So the only argument I would make with you is the number of people who don’t like olive oil, right? Yeah, we do get that complaint, like, oh, I don’t really and we use on a high quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. So when you use that quality olive oil, you actually get a peppery sensation at the back of your throat. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant where they actually will grind pepper into the olive oil. Yes, even they’re grinding pepper into the olive oil is to hide the fact that it’s a low quality olive oil. Because you get that peppery sensation, it has the the experience of a high quality olive oil at a much lower price. Right. So so people have, you know, even said, Oh, it’s you know, burning the back of my throat, you know, is it rancid? And we’re like, no, that’s the opposite, right? Like, rancid oil has no flavor, actually. So yeah, that’s really the complaint. And those, we’ve now covered the two complaints that we ever get about our product, which is the taste in olive oil. And by the way, we have a solution for that. I don’t know, I usually have a bottle around here, we have in caplets, and little gel caps. Now you do you do have to take six in order to get, you know, a full teaspoon gel caps, it’s six caps. It’s not that bad. And that’s great for traveling. But but that is a solution. So that’s the one complaint. And then the other complaint is just you know, the loose stool that will happen, you know, and is that a detoxing? In fact, you know, I’m not sure that that’s the right description. You know, oil in your body. I love what I don’t know if you’re familiar with Dr. Gundry. Yes, yeah, I love what he says he says that the purpose of food is to get more olive oil into your mouth. Like that’s how healthy it is. And if you look back at the original study, the rats that were given all of it, remember, there was water, olive oil, and then olive oil with Ess 60. The ones given olive oil live 30% longer. So if you’re like, you know, there was more research to do. But if you’re debating about the starve yourself 1/3 to death diet or adding more olive oil to your diet, you know, I’m not sure that I’m not sure the starve yourself on 30 that diet has much of a chance against, eat more olive oil diet,

olive oil, so good for you. I mean, it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your brain, it’s good for your skin. I mean, it’s one of those healthy oils that we shouldn’t be using all the time. And many of us don’t use it nearly as not enough as we should.

Yeah, no, I think that’s that’s very true. And I’ve, you know, incorporated a lot more olive oil into my diet. And I really do enjoy the MCT. MCT has a lot of nootropic, which has kind of brain driving brain energy properties to it. So you know, it’s definitely something and you’re right, like you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We ended up making a face serum. It’s kind of an interesting story, because well, let me let me roll back a little bit and talk about this journey to be in the supplement industry because there’s something we tried very hard not to do, frankly. So 2012, they published the results in 2013, mid 2013. We start getting phone calls, hey, how much in a dose, and you’ve got a picture of us as carbon nanomaterials scientists. And we’re thinking, Well, how much of that stuff we sell to research institutions so that they can make better ink, batteries, tires and photo cells, how much of that should you consume approximately 00. And we actually added not for human consumption to our labeling. Now, to be clear, if it’s C 60, and you probably process it improperly. There’s peer reviewed published research that shows it’s harmful. There’s nothing that shows Ess 60 When it’s processed properly is harmful. Even even back in mid 2013. But we’re, we’re conservative, you know, nanomaterial scientists. So we added not for human consumption. And that was about mid 2013. And still, people were calling and they were saying, hey, my knee pain is gone. And we were like, You mean the knee pain of your rat, because it literally says not for human consumption on your labeling. By the way, just a lot of people think in terms of placebo effect with supplements, myself included. The labeling not for human consumption is the opposite of placebo effect, right? So what people were reporting, they weren’t steered towards, oh, my knee pain is gone, or my skin or hairs is improving. They were actually skewed the other direction. So So mid 2013, we’re getting these phone calls, that’s about two phone calls a week, we’re selling it, you know, is for you to give to your rat, and debating, like internally, my business partner, I were like, is this something that we want to do? I actually found an article, a peer reviewed published article that said 50% of the products they tested, the supplements they tested did not have in them what they said they had in them, right? Correct. And you compare, you know, we’re delivering commercial quantities of carbon nanomaterials to research institutions around the world, like when we sell them that black powder, first thing they do is they give it to a grad student or a research associate. And they go and take it into their HPLC. And they confirm that we actually sent to them what we sold them, right. Yes, that’s the opposite of the supplement market. Right?

Totally true.

Right? The same way I get a pill of vitamin C thrown in my mouth, and we’re good. I often kind of ask the question, you got to be careful on Amazon with reviews and supplements, because what does a five star review about a vitamin C even mean? Yeah, I mean, we know it probably doesn’t mean that they measured it on a scale. And it’s actually one gram or whatever they said, right? That’s not even that likely. We know for sure they didn’t throw it in HPLC and confirm that it was ascorbic acid. And they probably didn’t even count the caplets. Like I joke, like a five star review on Amazon just means Amazon harass them enough before they died. To leave a review. So you really do have to be very careful about that. And you want to, you want to do your research and find people you trust and find people who approach things with integrity.

I’ll share this story with you because you’ll find this interesting. So we tell all of our patients do not buy supplements on Amazon. We get that it may be cheaper. However, you’re either buying expired stock, or there have been people that have bootlegged on Amazon, they get a label printer, they make a label that looks exactly like a nutraceutical grade product. But we had a patient come into our office one day with a bottle of herbs. And she said, You know, I bought this bottle from you guys, I bought this bottle on Amazon. It doesn’t look the same. It doesn’t taste the same. It doesn’t smell the same. So I had it analyzed, she said, and nothing that’s in this bottle is in the bottle that you guys sold me Wow, it is nothing. And and that just goes to prove like not to say that every product on Amazon is bad. But you don’t know what you’re getting is accurate or not. So you really have to be careful buying products on Amazon or medications from different places. Because there are unfortunately people out there that are looking to swindle you.

Yeah, yeah. 100%. I mean, we do have our products on Amazon just for convenience. If you find our products, and it’s not by us, actually we kind of police it, we’ll have them taken down because nobody else should be selling our product on Amazon. And again, it’s really just for convenience. It’s not it, we really don’t believe that that’s the place you go. And you just gave a great example like they thought they were body the exact same thing. And and it was not and that goes to that peer reviewed published research. 50% of supplements don’t have in them what they say they have in them. So that’s so so in our journey, right? So I read that paper and my business partner and I like this is you know, we’re nanomaterial scientists, this is you know, we’re not really going down this path. In the latter part of 2017, a guy with a big YouTube following started talking about all the benefits he was experienced taking it on a daily basis. And our phone went from like two calls a week to 10 a day. So now my business partner I like okay, yes, we’re carbon nanomaterials scientists. We’re also entrepreneurs. This is obviously an opportunity that’s gotten a lot bigger. What are we going to do with this and we asked ourselves two questions. The first one is, is a moral question. Am I comfortable selling this? I take it my wife takes it everybody on my team takes it I give it to my mom. Like, yes, I’m comfortable selling it. And then the next is the legal side, the FDA and the FTC. And you got to dot the i’s and cross the T’s. And that’s what we’re doing. So it was really about 2018 That that we came out. And that’s actually when I started taking this on a regular basis. And I can talk about kind of my own testimonials but but to roll back a little bit. That was our apprehension about getting into supplements. You can imagine how excited I was about getting into into a facer, right, like, that was not on my radar either. And, and what drove that. And one of our business partners, well, first off, people were reporting improvements in skin and hair, just by consuming the oil, right. And then one of my business partners, when she would spill some, she would just take it off the edge. It’s not inexpensive, and she would just wipe it on her face. And she noticed such a difference. She was like, Chris, I really think we need to make this and I’m like, oh, okay, whatever. Like, there we go. Yeah, I didn’t even want to be in the supplement industry now, you know, face serum industry. But, and I really wasn’t expecting the responses that we’ve gotten. The responses are just amazing, like, really, really amazing. It’s got a great rosemary, smell, which, if you decide to put it on at night is really good for helping you sleep Rosemary’s a good kind of thing for supporting sleep. And my wife actually uses under her makeup and on her makeup, right? So it absorbs readily. Anyway, like that’s, that’s as much as I know about face serums. I use it. I use it every day now. And we’re actually working on another product that incorporates another molecule that has like 30 years of skin and hair benefits, and we’re combining the two. So I’m pretty excited about that as well.

That’s awesome. I love that you’re reaching out to different modalities simply because you’re starting to see testimonials of things like there’s a need, people are noticing this, let’s put it into a formulation that somebody else can utilize easier and better. That’s awesome.

Well, and there’s a parallel to that, right, like so let’s, let’s talk about the modalities. But let’s also talk about supporting research. Right, our most consistent testimonial is people take it in the morning, they report mental focus and energy during the day, and then better sleep that night. And will dwell on that for a little bit. I’ve never heard of anything that you take in the morning and improve sleep at night, they just there’s nothing on the market, there are things you can do. You can go get exercise that’ll help you sleep at night, you can get exposure to the sun to get your circadian rhythm in line with the rising and falling of the sun that will help you sleep at night. But I’m not aware. In fact, it’s the opposite. There’s a book out there called Why We sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker, I don’t know if you’ve read that book. It is the scariest integrate. But it is the scariest book, I call it the Freddy Krueger of sleep books. But it doesn’t keep you up. It scares you to get your sleep. Because it just it’s 25 years of a UC Berkeley, professor, doctor, you know, talking about the research he’s done. That proves how detrimental sleep is for your mental focus and your mental intellectual capabilities and your physical. I don’t know if you know this. Every year we do this massive, massive study. It’s almost global. And that’s called daylight savings time. Yes. And when we lose an hour of sleep, heart attacks for the next three days go up by like 24%. And then when we gain that hour asleep, same thing, they go down by 20. There’s a difference like one is 27% and the other is 24. But but you it actually actually impacts your physical well being right. And I think in terms of sleep is good for your physical, mental and emotional well being. So if all our product is is you take it in the morning and you get better sleep at night. That’s just, that’s just great. Like, all in and of itself. That’s a that’s a great result. Now, Matthew, Dr. Matthew Walker talks about the $2 billion sleep aid industry. Yeah, quote unquote, sleep industry. So it sounds like we’re probably on the same page here. I wish I had gotten my dad off of them. Basically, you take them right before you go to sleep, they knock you unconscious, and there’s a thing called adenosine, which is actually the A and ATP but adenosine builds up in our bodies throughout the day. And that causes us to desire sleep. These drugs you take them, you wake up and the chemical pressure of adenosine has been released, right? So you wake up without the desire for sleep, which of course feels very refreshing. You’re like I need sleep. But it doesn’t allow you to get your REM and you’re in REM sleep. All the healing and restorative purpose of sleep is not happening because you’re like basically hitting somebody over the hammer with the head. They’re unconscious. You don’t wake up from that really feeling refreshed. And again the contrast is that something you take right Before you go to sleep, and there’s other things like valerian, if you if you manage melatonin, right, that can be hard to manage properly, but that can help your sleep. But nothing that I’m aware of you take in the morning. Not only that it’s mental, not just sleep, but mental focus and energy during the day. better sleep that night, we even have a testimonial of a lady who took her first serving, and gave me a video at the end of the day. And she was like, Yeah, I didn’t finish my cup of coffee today. And, you know, while you’re not a coffee drinker, but yes, coffee drinkers out there, to just have that important enough to say means that it’s actually really important,

right, it’s really doing something well, and we know the sleep aids that are so terrible for us causing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s and all kinds of other disorders. And for a lot of our listeners, they’re postmenopausal women who don’t sleep, don’t have enough energy, and without estrogen don’t have good brain function. So they’re always looking for something that they can take, besides hormones that can give them their game back, you know, can keep them in the game, keep them bright, keep them sharp, make them sleep, not make them moody, not dependent on caffeine all day long. This almost sounds too good to be true.

Oh, that is a fair, and that is an absolutely fair statement. I have often, you know, I’ll have conversations with individuals. And they’re like, Well, does it do anything else? I mean, listen, if I if I keep telling you what it does, you’re just gonna believe me less than less like that’s, that’s, that’s a reality. You mentioned postmenopausal my wife went through menopause very recently. And it had a positive impact for her on, I think two key things. One of them was heat flashes, she still gets them but they’re significantly reduced. And then migraines. I think that’s something that comes out of, and I can tell you my migraine story. I’m very much the geeky scientists you see in front of me. And I say that for two reasons. One, I don’t like testimonials where like I feel good on your product. That doesn’t add value to me at all. I like black and white zeros and ones. So I have a spreadsheet. I used to get migraines. I used to get four or five migraines a year. And I put together a spreadsheet because it was trying to figure out what was causing them if you’ve ever had a migraine. Yeah, unbelievably horrible experiences. But I have a spreadsheet back to 2014 have four or five migraines every year, I started taking the product on a regular basis in 2018. Didn’t didn’t get a single migraine. You couple that with my wife’s experience. And I always remember the number nine because she had a prescription for a drug that they would only give her nine per month and in the metro town. Yep, yep, that’s it. And anything after nine, she just had to suffer through Yeah, when she started taking this, she’s down to one a month or one every other month. Wow. So it’s it’s really made a big difference. And that’s what I like that zeros and one five a year, not four or five, I’ve probably had two migraines since 2018. That total. So it’s amazing. What an amazing rate. And again, if you go back to a positive impact on the mitochondria, then then that makes sense that you’d get these these results. It’s kind of like these rats lived longer, you know a lot longer 90% longer, and actually all died without tumors, which is a pretty remarkable result for particular rats. But they lived out to 62. So a typical Wistar rat lives out to about 32 months. And they also have a known amount of tumors. So the longer they live, the more tumor mass they have in their body. The my vital C rats lived out to 62 months, and they all died without tumors. So that’s pretty impactful, not just the 90% when you think that if it’s gonna make you live almost twice as long if it doesn’t have other benefits, that would be very, that’s very counterintuitive, right? Right. I like to I like to joke that in the publication, it did not mention that these really old rats were walking around with little rat walkers and little rat oxygen tanks, right? Healthy rat lives until out to 62 months, about a 90% extension of life. If, if average humans live 90% longer, the average human would live to about 152

Wow, that’s incredible with with potentially without a lot of complications, because if the rats didn’t develop tumors, which is common for them, that would mean that something’s happening inside of our body that’s creating something called apoptosis, which kills bad cells, decreasing inflammation, and improving mitochondria and repairing cell damage. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be like the rats we be older but we still have more problems.

So my direct you mentioned apoptosis. My director of research has a theory that yeah, this soccer ball shaped molecule works as a free radical sponge. But now you’ve got these free radicals and it’s still running around the body before it gets excreted. It is potentially perturbing cells, and causing the body to actually do apoptosis on those senescence cells, those zombie cells that are just hanging around doing nothing, again, totally a theory. But it fits in what’s actually happening,

What you’re actually seeing. That’s amazing. You know, Chris, this is so awesome. I’m so excited to try this product with myself and my clients. How can people get their hands on this product? Because I know we’ve got tons of ladies and men listening, especially our ladies that are saying, I want this product to sleep, I want this product to think better. How can they get their hands on this?

Well, well, first I’m going to offer I’m happy to send you some product. And if you’re interested in this as your your show, so if you’re interested, we could schedule some time, 45 days out, and you could hop on, we could get together and you could say, oh, I didn’t really notice anything. Or you could say, oh, I live twice as long. That’s just that’s my ongoing joke.

I’m always looking to live longer, as long as it’s good quality.

So so the best way for them to contact I made a link specifically for your listeners. It’s myvitalc.com/ltwn. So that’s let’s talk wellness. So L-T-W-N. And when you go to that page, you can scroll down, we’ve got most of our products are on that page, some of them are on their page, like if you want to face her, um, you might need to like navigate or anything. But when you when you go to that page, we do sell our products as individual bottles, we actually have this, we sell a 30 day supply in this and I’m showing you this, it’s a small BBP BPA free plastic ampule. So you’ve got exactly one teaspoon in a dose that’s great for traveling. We’ve got boxes. If you if you get on subscription, you’ll save 25%. Now, we you can cancel that at any time, we have 505 star reviews on Google, our team has not talked to, you know trained to talk you out of canceling your subscription. So don’t worry about that. Just take advantage of that discount, we want you to have that discount. And then we also have a coupon code. Again, it’s LTWN let’s talk wellness now LTW N and that’ll get you an additional $15 off of your initial order.

Nice. Thank you for that. That’s wonderful for our listeners. I love that.

Yeah, no, we’re I really, I was at an event the other day. And I gave you know, because I had a bottle with me and I gave him a bottle. And he’s like, why are you like, this is a valuable bottle? Why are you giving this to me, it’s like, because I know it works like so here, try it and you’ll appreciate the value in it. And I’ve got another customer.

Perfect, I love that you’re not afraid to share, you know what the value is, you know, it’s going to work, you’re gonna have a happy customer. And on top of that you change that person’s life for a very long time by sharing that with him. So

Potentially double. Yeah.

Bill Gates right. Will not like you very much. Well, Chris, this has been so great. Thank you so much for joining us anything that you want to leave our listeners with?

Well, no, just thank you, Dr. Deb, for having me. And, you know, reach out to us. If anybody’s got, we’ve got a staff of people who have a lot of a wealth of knowledge about the product, if you’ve got questions about about the product, any kind of questions, and if they can’t answer it, don’t don’t steer it up to me. I love to have conversations with people and hear. The shared experiences of people getting good. I mean, my job is such a great job right? I was very happy as a carbon atom material scientist, but to be honest, now we get to field calls and see testimonials of, of just great results. It’s It’s amazing.

It’s the best part of doing business and having life right when you can produce something and make somebody else’s life better. It’s really gratifying to be able to be part of that and see people being able to do things they love that they couldn’t do because they were aging and nobody had the answers for them. So it’s a wonderful feeling. It absolutely.

And that reminds me we got a testimonial recently. They sent it to my wife and basically they’re like they were about to put their dog down because it wasn’t able to walk. Gave it Ess 60. And then it was up and moving around the backyard. Just wanted to get a note to my wife about how thankful thankful they were so we do we actually do have a dog product and a cat product available on the website.

Fantastic. That’s awesome. I’m going to tell one of the girls that works for me her dog unfortunately has cancer tumor in his mouth and they’re giving him like Three months to live and she’s looking for something alternative to try to sustain his life a little bit longer and make it happier. I’m gonna mention this to her.

I’ll send I’ll send you a bottle.

Oh, thank you so much. That’s great. Well, Chris, thank you so much. I’d love to have you back. I want to try your product. I’d love to have you back and talk about our experiences with it. That’d be great.

That would be great. Thank you, Dr. Deb.

Deb. Thank you. Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you, or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review. Share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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