Episode 216: Don’t Cope With Anxiety, Beat Anxiety with Faust Ruggiero

Are you tired of the world running you? Do you want to have control over your emotions once and for all? Faust shares what you can do to control anxiety and beat depression naturally. Dr. Deb and Faust discuss why medication doesn’t work and why people experience a crisis 15 years after starting medication. 

Do not miss these highlights:

03:01 How did Faust get started in the world of therapy?

05:16 The changes that Faust has seen with the country’s frontline responders over the last decade. 

08:28 How PTSD is affecting our veterans.

12:00 Why does abuse and trauma keep on coming back?

14:23 The abuse that is happening on social media.

15:34 How do we maneuver mental health and socialization together?

18:53 Overview of Faust books. 

20:08 Few tips on how to deal with anxiety.

22:40 Why you need to get away from social media.

24:30 Drug companies are not selling the drug, they’re selling you a drug culture.

28:43 Side effects of medication.

33:43 How we’ve lost all the tools that we had before.

34:22 We need a process for our life too. 

Resources Mentioned

Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care  by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com 

About our Guest:

Faust A. Ruggiero’s professional career spans almost 40 years. He has consistently established cutting-edge counseling programs in pursuit of professional excellence and personal life enhancement. He is a published research author, clinical trainer and a therapist who has worked in settings that have included clinics for abused women, prisons, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, businesses and major corporations, and inpatient facilities. He continues to provide counseling services for veterans, first responders, law enforcement and other emergency personnel, and businesses and corporations, nationally, and internationally. During his tenure as the President of the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania, he developed the Process Way of Life counseling program, and has adapted it into the formal text presented in The Fix Yourself Handbook. The Fix Yourself Handbook has received the Gold Award from Literary Titan, the Silver Award from The Nonfiction Authors Association, and the Bronze Award from Reader’s Favorite. It is available in paperback, as an e- Book, and an audio book. 







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