Health and Wellness

Episode 105: CV-19 Vaccine Concerns

Dr. Deb shares the complications and risks we are beginning to see with those who have received the CV19 vaccine. With over 40,000 reports of adverse reactions to the CDC in the past 30 days she breaks down what they are. Do not miss these highlights: [0:50] The impact that receiving the vaccine is having…

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Episode 104: Stem Cell Nutrition for Keeping Your Body Young with Robert Hill

Dr. Deb and Robert discuss how stem cell nutrition can do more than stem cell injections. Learn how this improves arthritis, cognitive function, mobility and much more. Do not miss these highlights: [5:14] After being diagnosed arthritis, Robert was looking at joint replacement.  Not convinced that was the route for him, he started looking into…

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Episode 103: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Start with Shawn Tegtmeier

Dr. Deb and Shawn Tegtmeier talk about how to get your body moving at any age, while you are in any condition. Even during cancer treatment, you can move your body and achieve the health you want. Do not miss these highlights: [4:51] Her weight gain after quitting smoking [6:24] Being introduced to running and…

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