Integrative Health

Episode 103: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Start with Shawn Tegtmeier

Dr. Deb and Shawn Tegtmeier talk about how to get your body moving at any age, while you are in any condition. Even during cancer treatment, you can move your body and achieve the health you want. Do not miss these highlights: [4:51] Her weight gain after quitting smoking [6:24] Being introduced to running and…

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Episode 102: Can dream interpretation help you live your best life? with Barbara Condron

Barbara Condron shares her knowledge and experience of dream interpretation and how it can be utilized in our daily lives. Dr. Deb and Barb share their thoughts on COVID the pandemic and where we are headed from a spiritual connection. They explore how dreams about COVID can help us be less fearful. Do not miss…

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Episode 101: How do you recover from the wrong diagnosis? with Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

Dr. Deb and Lyn talk about how a misdiagnosis of cancer can change your life for the better. Wondering how something so horrible can actually help you find your destiny? Lyn’s cancer diagnosis did just that and now she helps others heal from trauma and illness. Do not miss these highlights:  [1:40] How preparing for…

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