Hormone Program

Hormone Program

Hormone Program

A hormone panel can reveal a hormonal imbalance, inflammation, if you’re estrogen dominant or why you’re experiencing PMS. Results from your hormone panel may help explain why you’re so irritable, why you’re sleeping poorly, why your body is experiencing extreme fatigue or why you constantly feel “off”. 

Dr. Deb’s Hormone Program allows you the opportunity to have Dr. Deb review the results of your hormone panel. In your one hour consultation, Dr. Deb will review your health history, detail your hormone panel results, and explain what they mean for your health and health goals. In your consultation you’ll discuss treatment, therapy and nutritional options for you to optimize your health and help you take control of your future.


*If you have any questions, or need assistance ordering your Hormone Program below, or hormone panel from DirectLabs, please reach out to hello@letstalkwellnessnow.com, call (262) 522-8640 or contact us here


Dr. Deb's Hormone Program

A 1-hour consultation with Dr. Deb to review your recent hormone panel.


Schedule Your Consultation

Please schedule a “60 Minute Meeting” in Dr. Deb’s Calendar for your hormone panel review consultation after you’ve completed the following steps:

1) Purchased Dr. Deb’s Hormone Program

2) Received your Basic Female Hormone Panel results back from DirectLabs

3) Emailed or faxed your hormone panel results to Dr. Deb (see Instructions above – consultations must be scheduled at least 3 business days after you send Dr. Deb your DirectLabs hormone panel results)


Dr. Deb's Calendar

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