Phoenix Factor Female Health Protocol, is a two-part health program created by Dr. Debra Muth, ND, designed to optimize the health and wellness of high- functioning executive women.

Phoenix Factor begins with a series of Labs & Panels, used to help Dr. Deb understand your current health landscape, and yield insight into any areas that may be impacting your health, wellness, energy or vitality.

After discussing the results of your labs and panels with Dr. Deb, you can choose to begin a 6 Month Phoenix Factor Protocol. Included in your protocol are 8 Interactive Teaching Modules, filled with videos, health information, guides, lifestyle changes, and accountability and goal-setting exercises. Also included are monthly 1:1 consultations with Dr. Deb or a Phoenix Factor Health Coach, email and community support, along with a customized plan to optimize your health, improve your productivity and increase your professional output. 

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About Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb is a Naturopathic Doctor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the founder and owner of the Midwest’s leading integrative clinic – Serenity Health Care Center, and women’s health protocol – Phoenix Factor. She specializes in Women’s Health, Hormones, Sexual Dysfunction, Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, Thyroid, Fatigue and more.


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