Episode 146: Uncovering the Truth About Fat Loss with ​​Joel Greene

Joel Greene explains the truth about why we struggle with losing fat. How the body adapts to a diet and then it just stops working. Dr. Deb drops the tough question, Why do women over 50 not lose weight? Listen for the answer.  Do not miss these highlights: 03:06 – Joel shares his story of…

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Episode 27: Brain Health – Interview with Dr. Erica Linn, DNP

On Episode #27 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Dr. Erica Linn, DNP, of Serenity Health Care Center for a conversation on brain health. Dr. Linn, is an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach, and treats a myriad of brain health issues as a practitioner at Serenity Health Care Center. Listen in for…

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