cancer treatment

Episode 103: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Start with Shawn Tegtmeier

Dr. Deb and Shawn Tegtmeier talk about how to get your body moving at any age, while you are in any condition. Even during cancer treatment, you can move your body and achieve the health you want. Do not miss these highlights: [4:51] Her weight gain after quitting smoking [6:24] Being introduced to running and…

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Episode 100: Hope Is Always on Your Side

In this encore episode, Dr. Deb speaks with Dr. Jan about how to navigate your worst nightmare the diagnosis of cancer. How do you advocate for yourself and blend the best of both worlds medicine has to offer both conventional and traditional? This is a must listen to episode as the two best friends share…

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Episode 61: Integrative Cancer Therapies and Prevention – Interview Dr. Tina Kaczor

Our integrative cancer expert Dr. Tina Kaczor shares her perspective and research on cancer in 2020. We are fighting a different war against cancer where it can be driven by viruses and bacteria.

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