Episode 175: Food As Medicine For Our Brain & Mental Health, The Most Overlooked Cause & Solution To Anxiety & Depression – The Physiological Root Causes with Christine Coen

Can food affect anxiety and depression? Food is the building block for neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters in the brain have a direct effect on our memory, mood, and anxiety levels. When certain neurotransmitters are deficient the symptoms of anxiety and depression increase. By adjusting your diet and taking in foods that heal our bodies we can…

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Episode 122: Is Your Gut Causing Anxiety, Depression, or Attention Issues? with Dale L’Ecuyer

Dale L’Ecuyer shares with Dr. Deb, the secret to healing anxiety, depression, and attention issues. She is going to show you the proven steps to improving your health by using 3 simple steps to heal your gut.  Do not miss these highlights: [04:39] Dale’s dad had cancer and was given a year to live. He…

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