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Episode 42: The Divine Feminine – Interview with Sofia Sundari

In a special episode of Let’s Talk Wellness Now,  Dr. Deb speaks about The Divine Feminine with Sofia Sundari –  live from Majorca, Spain! Sofia Sundari is an International Transformational Leader, bestselling author, founder of the Priestess School, and facilitator of courses on sacred sexuality. Dr. Deb and Sofia discuss a variety of issues related to feminine…

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Episode 40: Joy From Fear – Interview with Dr. Carla Manly, PhD

In Episode 40 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Dr. Carla Manly, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Expert, onto the podcast for a fascinating discussion about fear – and how it can be embraced and utilized. Dr. Carla Manly, PhD, author of Aging Joyfully and Joy From Fear, joins Dr. Deb to to discuss…

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