Episode 120: Do You Want Your Body to Move the Best it Can for as Long as it Can? with Charles Robert

Learn how your stress and posture are connected. Emotional stress can hide in various parts of your body, and you might not even know it. Charles shares how emotional trauma and stress hide and present as physical ailments. Do not miss these highlights: [07:03] Social media connects people from all around the world but it…

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Episode 56: Self-compassion And Taking Responsibility For Our Own Happiness

Explore our interview about letting go of judgment and creating compassion for yourself. Internal happiness is your responsibility not everyone else’s. Kamini gives tools to win every day in the life you have created. She will also share how to raise children with appropriate emotions.

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Episode 40: Joy From Fear – Interview with Dr. Carla Manly, PhD

In Episode 40 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Dr. Carla Manly, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Expert, onto the podcast for a fascinating discussion about fear – and how it can be embraced and utilized. Dr. Carla Manly, PhD, author of Aging Joyfully and Joy From Fear, joins Dr. Deb to to discuss…

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