Episode 47: Easy Nutrition & Detox Tips For The Whole Family – Interview with Joy McCarthy.

Joy shares her knowledge of fitness, health & nutrition habits that can be implemented easily and today for you and your family. Learn about detoxification through diet and when a detox program should be used. Learn about which foods you can eat everyday to help you detox your body from the daily toxins you are exposed to.  Joy…

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Episode 29: Nutrition – Interview with Faye Pietrokowsky

In Episode 29 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Faye Pietrokowsky onto the podcast to discuss all things nutrition and organic eating. Together, Dr. Deb and Faye discuss Faye’s introduction into the world of nutrition, organic eating, farmer’s markets, buying locally, cooking from scratch, sugar addictions and different ways you learn about where…

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Episode 22: Nutrition For Sex-Cess

In Episode 21, Dr. Deb discusses Nutrition For Sex-Cess – all the ways that your nutrition affects your sex life. Not only does Dr. Deb focus in on aphrodisiacs, she also highlights the impact that vitamins, minerals, medications and chemicals can have on your hormones and libido.  Everybody talks about oysters, and how it’s a…

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