Episode 25: Better Lover – Interview with Susan Bratton

In Episode 25 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Susan Bratton, Sex Advisor To Millions, onto the podcast for a raw, exhilarating , action packed conversation about her upcoming Summit (, and a variety of sexual health related topics ranging from self love, Susan’s 30 Day Masturbation Challenge and choosing the right vibrator, to hormones,…

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Episode 18: Top Gun Love – Interview with Frank Wiegers

Former Fighter Pilot turned Love, Sex & Relationship Coach, Frank Wiegers, joins Dr. Deb on Episode #18 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now for an exciting dialogue about hormones, bonding, romance and relationships as you age! Dr. Deb and Frank touch on issues ranging from body worship and sexual energy, to bonding, afterplay and rituals.  You ever notice…

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Episode 16 – Interview with Relationship & Love Consultant, Dr. Sharon Cohen, PhD

Relationship & Love Expert, Dr. Sharon Cohen, PhD, joins Dr. Deb on Episode #16 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now for a conversation about love, relationships, marriage, vulnerability, communication, masculine vs feminine energy between partners, and so much more! Dr. Cohen touches on her path to becoming a love and relationship consultant, including the early stages of…

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