Episode 206: 4 Things That Cause White Matter Brain Disease – Does Tick-Borne Disease (Lyme) Cause MS?

Can Lyme, Chlamydia, HHV6 or other infections cause white matter brain disease or MS? The research shows that Chlamydia Pneumonia and other diseases cross the blood-brain barrier. Dr. Muth shares what symptoms these infections cause and how to address them.  Do not miss these highlights: 03:37 Viruses and bacteria can be reactivated over time and…

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Episode 191: Lyme The Great Imitator

What is lyme? Lyme is a tick-borne disease. Why is it hard to detect? Because testing is poor and many doctors still do not believe it exists. Dr. Deb talks about why it is hard to diagnose and what treatments are working today compared to even 5 years ago.  Do not miss these highlights: 00:42…

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Episode 163: What Does COVID Long Haulers And Lyme Have In Common

What are the similarities to COVID and Lyme? What tests can be done to monitor the effects of COVID disease and long haulers? Dr. Deb shares the testing that you can ask your doctor for and how to interpret these results. She also gives you common supplements that can help reverse the inflammation and microvessel…

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