Episode 133: Habit Rewiring. How to Eradicate Old Limiting Habits and Beliefs with Dr. Lunide Louis

Change your habits today! Dr. Lunide and Dr. Deb discuss how to set up habits that not only replace old ones but help you become successful in your daily life.  Do not miss these highlights: [5:00] How Dr. Lunide moved from corporate to diving into neuroscience and the psychology behind habits [6:28] Her podcast started…

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Episode 58: Regaining Feminine Power – Interview with Liz Lewinson

Liz gives us practical techniques for reducing fear. Liz shares the steps for women to regain their feminine power. She sheds light on the misconceptions of feminine power and impacts our society. Website: http://www.lizlewinson.comSocial Media Links: Website: http://www.lizlewinson.comSocial Media Links:

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