Episode 172: Why Am I Eating Healthy And Exercising But Not Losing Weight with JJ Virgin

JJ virgin shares her secrets about why women struggle to lose weight. She gives the secrets to a broken metabolism and how to fix it so you can have a lean body well past 40. Is intermittent fasting healthy? JJ shares how intermittent fasting can be healthy but also the ticks to moving in and…

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Episode 161: Testosterone, Sex and Women with Dr. Matt Chalmers

Dr. Deb and Dr. Chalmers talk about the benefits for women to use testosterone to build muscle, increase metabolism and enjoy amazing sex! Is it all estrogen or all testosterone for women? Listen to the experts.  Do not miss these highlights: 07:10 Why women need testosterone hormones 08:28 There’s been studies to prove that women…

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Episode 124: Understanding How Nutrients Can Change Your Diagnosis with Dr. John Poothullil

Dr. John shares his passion for nutrition and how we can use nutrition to help us with diabetes, metabolic changes, and even cancer. He shares tips on how to eat to change the outcome of these health conditions. Join us to learn how you can increase your metabolism and affect your blood sugar levels.  Do…

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