Episode 192: MCAS: Mast Cell Activation – What Are The Triggers with Beth O’hara

MCAS is triggered by Mold exposure and infections like Lyme, Co-infections, Strep and more. Dr. Deb and Beth O’hara talk about what causes Mast cell activation and how to treat it when you are so sensitive. Do not miss these highlights: 04:18 What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? 07:42 People are sicker now, and we’re…

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Episode 173: Is Poor Gut Function Keeping You From Getting Off Thyroid Meds? With Missy Beavers

Dr. Deb Interviews Missy Beavers who healed her own Hashimoto’s and is now free from thyroid medications. It is possible that bacteria or fungi in your gut are causing your autoimmune thyroid disease. Does mold illness cause thyroid diseases? Yes, mold releases mycotoxins that can disrupt your thyroid function, trigger autoimmune disease and keep you…

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