New Year

Episode 96: 10 Health Care Trend Predictions for 2021!

Dr. Deb gives her top 10 health care trends for new products and services for 2021. Do not miss these: Tele-medicine (2:46) Online fitness classes (4:47) Group health delivery (5:46) Personal health tracking devices (6:48) Mental health treatment alternatives (7:29) Personal responsibility (8:41) Healthy meal kits (9:46) Supplements (11:09) Red light therapy (12:27) Packaged superfoods…

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Episode 95: New Year’s Resolutions That Are Sustainable

What are sustainable New Year’s Resolutions? These are Resolutions that we can actually incorporate into our daily lives and KEEP! Do not miss these: Eat more Whole foods (3:12) Sit less, move more (4:38) Reduce sweetened beverage intake (6:06) Quality Sleep (8:16) Physical activity you enjoy (9:45) Practice self-care (10:57) Cook more meals at home…

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