Episode 115: Speak Up for Your Needs, Boundaries, & Desires with Lee Noto

Lee Noto, host of the Way of the High Priestess Podcast, joins Dr. Deb to discuss the importance of learning to speak up for yourself without compromising your boundaries, needs or desires.  Listen as they discuss access your inner higher priestess to guide you and your life. Do not miss these highlights: [3:47] Not knowing…

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Episode 93: No Regrets

No regrets living! Dr. Deb shares her concept of living a life with no regrets! How to be happy and healthy living this way. Do not miss these highlights: [1:43] Dealing with the loss of her best friend [5:15] Discovering the regrets Dr. Deb had about how she was living her life [7:44] The beginning…

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Episode 92: Music saved Maxx’s life!

After being abused as a child Maxx used music to heal her trauma and shares what she did to heal this betrayal and forgive the abuser. Do not miss these highlights: [3:06] Surviving abuse by her father and his family [5:01] Music was her place of solace and became the source for her therapy to…

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