self love

Episode 63: Going Beyond Labels – Interview with Lauren Polly

Lauren Polly teaches us about how labels from others hold us back. She shares her expertise and provides tips for overcoming the labels that prevent us from moving forward in life. Learn how to change the labels into positive affirmations that really make a difference. Website: Book:

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Episode 49: The Journey of Self-Love

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Wellness Now Podcast Dr. Deb talks with Bex Bedford a Self Acceptance Champion, YouTube Celeb and Voice Over/Actress and Producer. They explore the topic of Self-love at any size or shape as a women. Learn how you can love yourself and get rid of the body image issues…

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Episode 25: Better Lover – Interview with Susan Bratton

In Episode 25 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Susan Bratton, Sex Advisor To Millions, onto the podcast for a raw, exhilarating , action packed conversation about her upcoming Summit (, and a variety of sexual health related topics ranging from self love, Susan’s 30 Day Masturbation Challenge and choosing the right vibrator, to hormones,…

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