Episode 193: Why My Doctor Won’t Prescribe Hormones with Ricky Brandon

Do you want your doctor to prescribe hormones? Why you don’t want your doctor to prescribe your hormones is a bigger question? You need a specialist to prescribe hormones. Someone who will optimize your hormones for you as an individual. Ricky Brandon from Hormone Balance Centers share his experience about hormones therapy and why it’s…

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Episode 161: Testosterone, Sex and Women with Dr. Matt Chalmers

Dr. Deb and Dr. Chalmers talk about the benefits for women to use testosterone to build muscle, increase metabolism and enjoy amazing sex! Is it all estrogen or all testosterone for women? Listen to the experts.  Do not miss these highlights: 07:10 Why women need testosterone hormones 08:28 There’s been studies to prove that women…

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Episode 25: Better Lover – Interview with Susan Bratton

In Episode 25 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Susan Bratton, Sex Advisor To Millions, onto the podcast for a raw, exhilarating , action packed conversation about her upcoming Summit (sexualvitalitysummit.com), and a variety of sexual health related topics ranging from self love, Susan’s 30 Day Masturbation Challenge and choosing the right vibrator, to hormones,…

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