Episode 177: Epigenetics Can Be Causing Inflammation And Weight Gain with Annie Bush

Can your genes be making you fat? Short answer yes. Your genetic makeup can determine what you need to eat, how much and what type of exercise is best for you. Genetic makeup can also determine what disease we are predisposed to BUT NOT destined to get. We can change the outcome if we understand…

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Episode 174: The Miracle of Ozone: How to Safely Use Ozonated Water to Boost Oxygen, Make Your Food Safe & Grow Healthier Plants Without Chemicals with  Eileen Durfee

Can ozone kill mold and bacteria? Ozone is great for killing bacteria, fungi, and parasites in the body and our foods. simply wash with ozone water and your foods will be clean from toxins and bugs. Can you use ozone to energize your body? Yes, drinking ozonated water helps to improve the oxygen in your…

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Episode 165: Myth or Truth- Heavy Metals and Toxins Lead To Heart Disease? With Dr. Kahn

Dr. Kahn shares the truth about heavy metals and toxins contributing to heart disease and even ED. Dr. Kahn shares not only the problem but tips on what can be done to reverse the damage from environmental toxins that are contributing to our poor health today. Also, don’t miss his thoughts on CVD and the…

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