Episode 120: Do You Want Your Body to Move the Best it Can for as Long as it Can? with Charles Robert

Learn how your stress and posture are connected. Emotional stress can hide in various parts of your body, and you might not even know it. Charles shares how emotional trauma and stress hide and present as physical ailments. Do not miss these highlights: [07:03] Social media connects people from all around the world but it…

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Episode 92: Music saved Maxx’s life!

After being abused as a child Maxx used music to heal her trauma and shares what she did to heal this betrayal and forgive the abuser. Do not miss these highlights: [3:06] Surviving abuse by her father and his family [5:01] Music was her place of solace and became the source for her therapy to…

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Episode 45: Unblock Stored Trauma & Unlock Your Full Potential – Interview with Jennifer Watson

Have you ever thought about the birth of your children being a traumatic event? Your body may! Learn how trauma and stress can create blocks in our body. These blocks not only create disease but also cause financial and creative blocks. Preventing you from reaching your potential in business. Jennifer shares her tips on body…

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