Episode 144: Pfizer’s Data Dump

It’s here! Pfizer has released the data on their vaccine trail. The very information they wanted to withhold for 55 years. Pfizer wanted to slowly release data to the FDA over 55 years but the judge said no. Why didn’t the FDA say no? This has never been done before by the FDA so ask…

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Episode 117: The Missing Virus that Created a New Disease with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman and esteemed medical doctor exposed the missing virus in CV-19. Wait! Missing virus? Then what is happening with PCR testing? Why are people getting sick? What does this mean for experimental gene therapy? Do not miss these highlights: [4:00] After realizing that some conventional medical practices were causing more harm than good, Dr….

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Episode 59: COVID-19 & Concerns About The Universal Vaccine

Do you have questions about what COVID 19 is really about? Dr. Deb shares some concerns about the universal vaccine and how it relates to COVID 19.

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