white matter

Episode 208: 4 Things That Cause White Matter Brain Disease – Can Mold Cause White Matter Disease-MS?

Mold mycotoxins are known for causing demyelinating disease or MS. On an MRI it is seen as white matter brain disease. These mycotoxins create damage and cause autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and ALS to name a few diseases. Can we reverse demyelinating disease, short answer is yes-sometimes. It depends on how progressive the disease is…

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Episode 205: 4 Things That Cause White Matter Brain Disease – It Mat Not Be MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Have you had a diagnosis that you knew wasn’t right? MS (multiple sclerosis) is one of them. What else could it be? Join this series of episodes to explain why just because you have a diagnosis of white matter disease it may not be MS.  Do not miss these highlights: 01:24 You’re not supposed to…

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