Episode 1: Why Do We Need Hormones?

Dr. Deb speaks on the importance of hormones, the role they play in our everyday lives, thyroid dysfunction, the endocrine system and the body’s cravings for healthy hormone levels. What do hormones do? Where do hormones come from? What happens when there’s a hormone imbalance? How to treat an imbalance? The function of hormones?
Literally, every cell is in the body is in dire need of hormones…
She discusses her personal thyroid issues, her introduction to the world of integrative medicine and hormonal health, and what she’s learned in her 20-year career treating hormone imbalance.
I remember feeling so devastated, and so broken, and thinking, I’m 28 years old, I just started my career… I have two children at home… what am I going to do? I didn’t have all of the signs and symptoms of a classic thyroid person – so they ignored me… And that was really my first introduction to integrative medicine…
…no one under my watch, as a practitioner, is ever going to suffer from a thyroid condition, because I was too lazy to check… or I was too convinced that somebody doesn’t have a thyroid problem because they don’t fit the picture.

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