Episode 10: Are Hormones Safe?

Dr. Deb joins the debate on the safety of using hormones. She analyzes the differences between bio-identical hormones and conventional hormones, short-term vs long-term use and the importance of commitment when opting for hormone therapy. She discusses the impact of comfort-level, along with her personal experience with hormones. Are hormones safe to use? How long do we use them? What routes do we use them in?
Over the last 20 years of practicing medicine, we have gone back and forth about whether or not hormones are safe to use or not safe to use. And how long do we use them, and what routes do we use them in? And there’s been a lot of confusion, for women, about whether or not they can safely use hormones… the simple answer to that question is yes – and no.
She analyzes route, testing, dosages, length of course, the critical nature of nutrition, detoxification cleanses and highlights specific hormones.

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