Episode 12: Compounding Hormones – Interview with Monica Zatarski

Dr. Deb invites compounding pharmacist and long-time friend, Monica Zatarski, PharmD, RPh from MD Custom Rx in Brookfield, Wisconsin to discuss compounding hormones.

Dr. Deb and Monica discuss everything from compounded hormones vs synthetic hormones, dosing, traditional vs compounding pharmacies to Monica’s background and the right questions to ask your compounding pharmacist!

The joke in my house is that I have the pharmacy gene! My greatest mentor is my father, and he has owned an independent pharmacy since the late 70s. And I can always remember wanting to be a part of that environment… It was scientific and creative, and really allowed to establish some really great relationships with providers and patients. So I went to school (UW Madison – Doctor of Pharmacy), and knew that I wanted to be a compounding pharmacist!

Monica speaks on some of the trends in compounding pharmaceuticals, some of her preferred dosage forms, and the pros and cons of some specific dosage forms.

For all intensive purposes, Hormones that are compounded are going to be identical in structure to what our own bodies make – that’s where the term “bio-identical” comes from. We tend not to call it “human”, we like the term “bio-identical” more so – it’s just a little more accurate because humans aren’t actually the source of the hormone. 

For more information on Monica Zatarski, PharmD, RPh, or MD Custom Rx, please visit www.mdcustomrx.com

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