Episode 13: Endometriosis – Interview with Stefanie Ancona

Dr. Deb invites her close friend, current patient, and Endometriosis advocate, Stefanie Ancona, on Let’s Talk Wellness Now for a raw look into Stefanie’s life with Endometriosis. Stefanie opens up about her personal medical history, the ways she’s bravely battled Endometriosis, and the journey that led her to Dr. Deb’s office. Together they speak about the role bio-identical hormone replacement therapy have played in Stefanie’s life, and the differences between the treatments suggested at Serenity Health Care Center compared to conventional doctor’s offices.

She has an amazing story, that I think every woman, and man, needs to hear! So that people understand… kind of what happens with Endometrisosis – what it is and what your options are for care. But also, how do you become a better advocate for yourself?

– Dr. Deb on Stefanie’s journey

Stefanie touches on her early symptoms, what she was told by doctors when she was a teenager, and the treatment they chose for her.

I immediately started having cramping… I was told by the doctor “it’s cramping – deal with it”… I started to have more painful periods, to the point where, at my worst, felt like I was having someone stab me in the stomach with a knife – and I had to walk around like that all day… I was given Tylenol with codeine…

I labeled myself as a “curmudgeon”. I did not want to leave the house, it was hard to get out of bed, to choose the outfit I was going to wear… you wake up sweating, you sweat in the shower…

– Stefanie on some of her symptoms

Dr. Deb and Stefanie speak about traditional treatment of Endometriosis, Western Estrogen, hysterectomies, medically induced menopause, dealing with mood swings, painful periods, hot flashes, fatigue, brain fog, aging, and ultimately the benefits that bio-identical hormones can play in combating them.

So when you came to me, we talked about all these other hormones that nobody ever talked to you about… the progesterone, the testosterone, and what they all do…

– Dr. Deb on Stefanie’s visit

Listen in to learn how Stefanie has navigated the ups and downs of Endometriosis , what she’s learned on her journey, the benefits she’s received after opting for bio-identical hormone therapy and the advice she would give others battling Endometriosis.

…I do feel like a little Benjamin Buttonish… the old dingy skin has kind of removed… my mind has come back… I will go to bed, and think “ahh, I gotta do something in the morning” and do you know, I wake up the next morning and I remember!

…bio-identical hormones have saved my life, go check them out if you have to. It’s a journey – but it’s a better journey than I was given…

– Stefanie on her progress

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