Episode 2: Hormone Testing

Dr. Deb discusses the value of hormone testing for both men and women. Why do we test for hormones? How do we test hormones? How often should we be tested? What are we looking for in test results?
Really, everyone should have their hormones tested. It doesn’t discriminate whether your male or female – we all need to know where our hormones are at… it gives us a small window view into what’s happening to your body.
Dr. Deb breaks down the differences between saliva testing, blood testing and urine testing, and which method she prefers – and why. Including important tips to follow before your hormone tests.
the biggest thing, with saliva testing, we have to be cautious of – is contamination of that tube. And it’s very easy to contaminate the tube when you’re applying topical hormones, so we usually encourage people to make sure they change their sheets the night before their testing, make sure that they don’t use any hormones for 12 to 24 hours before they collect their sample, make sure you wash your hands very good after applying your hormones…

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