Episode 3: Am I Crazy or Just Hormone Deficient?

Dr. Deb discusses hormone deficiencies and how to make sense of your symptoms.
…as women, one of the first things that we pay attention to, are the hot flashes and the night sweats… what we don’t talk about a lot, though, is the anxiety behind the loss of hormones. The anxiousness, the nervousness, that overwhelming gloom and doom…
Dr. Deb details both well-known and lesser known symptoms, and the hormones they are correlated to. She details symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of sex drive, loss of orgasm, low testosterone, thin and dry skin, decreased brain function and loss of stamina.
If we’re going to have to work until we’re 70… we need to be sharp, we need to have function, we need to have stamina, we need to be able to kick ass with those millennials!
Listen as she highlights specific peptides, including those that address our sexual health and stamina. Feel confident in your understanding of your body’s hormones, and the ways you can address and treat issues.
…it just makes you think about sex all the time, it makes you very excited, it gives you some physical stimulation… for those women who suffer issues reaching orgasm once they’re post-menopausal… it helps with erectile dysfunction, it helps with desire…

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