Episode 5: Sleep and Hormones

LTWN - Dr. Deb's Hormone Program
Dr. Deb speaks on insomnia and the relationship between sleep and hormones.
Many people, as we age, suffer from insomnia. Whether it’s a difficulty falling asleep, or a difficulty staying asleep. I hear, every day, from women who don’t sleep, and how it’s a struggle for them to get to sleep and stay asleep. And I too, suffer from insomnia.
She opens up on her personal struggle with insomnia, and the role hormones and other variables play in sleep problems. Listen to tips that help combat sleep issues. Dr. Deb lists options of what you can do, from a hormonal standpoint and environmentally, to help combat insomnia. She touches on factors like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, light, and the way they may impact your sleep.
…there’s also this hormonal component that can disrupt our sleep. Progesterone is very helpful at putting us into a deep REM sleep, it is not so good at getting us to sleep.

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