Episode 6: Grief

Dr. Deb diverts from the theme of the season, to open up about the loss of her family’s dog, Harley. She discusses the role that grief and loss play in our lives. How does grief and loss impact our health? How should we grieve? How do we manage grief? How can we prepare for loss? How do we manage guilt?
I realized… when I was saying goodbye to him… how much pain I had in my heart for this dog. How he was such a companion to me… the unconditional love that animals provide for us, the relationship that we develop with them… I realized how much pent up emotion I have been holding back…
Dr. Deb outlines the benefits of the grieving process and the different ways we can process our emotions. She lists the value of grieving with others, and the significance of releasing built up pain to begin the healing process.

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