Episode 8: Peptides

Dr. Deb discusses peptides, peptide therapy and details several specific peptides, alongside their use and benefits. She opens up about her personal experience with peptide therapy, including the role it played in her recovery from surgery. What are peptides? What are they used for? Who is a good candidate for peptide therapy? Why are they so popular? Aren’t they just for bodybuilders? Will they improve my sex life?
A peptide is short chain amino acid… think of them as small protein… currently there are over 7,000 naturally occurring peptides…As of January of 2015, the USDA has actually approved well over 60 peptides for use, and 140 different peptide drugs are currently being evaluated in pre-clinical development – so this is really exciting.
She explains the many benefits of peptide therapy and the long list of issues that peptide can address – such as hormone function, sex drive, influenza, bone loss, weight loss, chronic inflammation, tissue repair and more.
There are a ton of things we can use peptides for these days… we can use them for hormone function…bone loss (like in osteoporosis)…obesity (help eat up fat cells)… there are some that we use for chronic inflammation, and there’s also some that we use for infection…

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