Episode 16 – Interview with Relationship & Love Consultant, Dr. Sharon Cohen, PhD

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Relationship & Love Expert, Dr. Sharon Cohen, PhD, joins Dr. Deb on Episode #16 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now for a conversation about love, relationships, marriage, vulnerability, communication, masculine vs feminine energy between partners, and so much more! Dr. Cohen touches on her path to becoming a love and relationship consultant, including the early stages of her career and her personal journey to love, and the ways she’s helping women to become vulnerable and open to love. 

… and that’s who we all fall in love with. The imperfect, authentic, vulnerable women… who a lot of us are trying to hide. 

Dr. Deb and Dr. Cohen discuss the evolution of relationships, and the idea of calibrating and re-calibrating relationships as they progress. They discuss the critical nature of communication and the harm that can come when it’s neglected. Dr. Cohen speaks about masculine and feminine energy within a relationship, and the common misconception regarding mothering and taking care.

When you’re taking care that’s masculine energy. And that’s what’s so interesting… if you look at mothering, when you’re mothering a child, which a woman would think… “Isn’t that feminine energy because you’re being a mother?” But, no! That’s actually very masculine energy!

Dr. Cohen continues by discussing the nature of balance in relationships, and the need for both masculine and feminine energy from both partners. Listen in as they discuss a number of relationship themed topics – all aimed at giving women (and their partners) the strongest chance for a raw, authentic, committed, fulfilling and lasting relationship!

Dr. Sharon Cohen’s Bio:

I graduated from UCLA (B.A. in Sociology; Business and Administration concentration)USC (Master in Social Work; Families and Children concentration) and the University of Texas at Austin (Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., School of Social Work).

I am also credentialed as a Transactional Analysis Practitioner by the United States Transactional Analysis Association and in Androgynous Semantic Realignment® by the WANT® Institute.

Before, I spent time honing my clinical education in the psychiatric hospital setting. I worked with individuals, couples, groups and multi-family groups.

I was in charge of the Outpatient admissions process at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital in Austin, Texas. Included programs: a Substance Abuse & Addictions Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and an Adult (Mental Health & Well-Being) IOP.

I’ve worked for start-up companies, music & film festivals, as a social coordinator and much more. All these experiences add to the secret sauce that makes me who I am.

I provide inspiration and help for women who are

  1. dating,
  2. having growing pains in a relationship,
  3. going through a breakup, seeking to recover and move on AND
  4. going through a dry spell.

My BIG goal is to help rid the world of unnecessary loneliness and poor communication. Any person who wants to be will be in a relationship of ever-lasting love with their “meant-to-be” partner, feeling connected and loved…that is my vision of success.

Connect With Dr. Cohen:

Website – drsharoncohen.com 


Twitter DrSharon  

Facebook: DrSharon     

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