Episode 18: Top Gun Love – Interview with Frank Wiegers

Sex-Cess Program
Former Fighter Pilot turned Love, Sex & Relationship Coach, Frank Wiegers, joins Dr. Deb on Episode #18 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now for an exciting dialogue about hormones, bonding, romance and relationships as you age! Dr. Deb and Frank touch on issues ranging from body worship and sexual energy, to bonding, afterplay and rituals. 

You ever notice when you’re out with your girlfriends, and you’re all talking and gabbing, and just having a great ole time… that you really feel good afterwards? It was just like, such a rewarding experience… that’s because when you talk with your woman friends – you bond with them! And in the bonding – you generate oxytocin. Well, that also triggers norepineprhine, serotonin, and you got a whole cocktail of chemistry going on in there – that makes you feel great! You actually get high on having that kind of conversation!

After the Vietnam War, Frank decided he was done with wars – including in his relationships! So, he utilized the training and approach that made him successful as a fighter pilot, and applied it to love, sex, dating and relationships! 

It’s a part of sex that’s really important – it’s called the afterplay... and you need to take the time and bond. Because, here you’ve just created an enormous amount of sexual energy. And sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the universe! 

Listen in as Dr. Deb and Frank discuss the notion of recreating passion and bonding, the value of understanding your hormones, and the importance of connectedness and rituals, for meaningful and mutually pleasurable relationships and sex lives. 

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Frank’s Book – So THAT’S Why They Do That!: Men, Women And Their Hormones (Top Gun Love Manuals) (Volume 1)


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