Episode 21 – The Red Light District – LIVE From Amsterdam

Sex-Cess Program

In Episode 21, Dr. Deb hosts Let’s Talk Wellness Now LIVE from the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Netherlands! Listen in to this special podcast about the history of the Red Light District, the origins of prostitution and some interesting observations made by Dr. Deb during her time abroad. 

The Dutch Government does look at prostitution as a legal business… they do pay taxes, they have to show a European passport, you have to show papers and you have to show a clean bill of health. They also require that every customer, that has sex with a prostitute, has to wear a condom.

Dr. Deb discusses some interesting statistics and highlights a conversation with a Russian immigrant who moved to the Red Light District to take advantage of its unique opportunities.

The windows are actually privately owned by each of the workers, and they have to pay that money up front before their day. They pay 150 euros for a 10 window shift and they don’t get any Sundays off – they work 7 days a week here. 

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