Episode 22: Nutrition For Sex-Cess

Sex-Cess Program

In Episode 21, Dr. Deb discusses Nutrition For Sex-Cess – all the ways that your nutrition affects your sex life. Not only does Dr. Deb focus in on aphrodisiacs, she also highlights the impact that vitamins, minerals, medications and chemicals can have on your hormones and libido. 

Everybody talks about oysters, and how it’s a great aphrodisiac, and chocolate of course… but ya know, there are other things, on a day to day basis, that help to increase our sex drive and how we feel. 

Dr. Deb also highlights the difference between an alkaline diet and an acidic diet – and the role they play in your body’s libido. She lists foods that fall into both categories, some health consequences that can result from eating those foods, and the value of performing a pH test. 

If you’re in a more acid state, your body will be much more inflamed, much more in pain … Alkalinity – lowers that crushing inflammation that we have. Which in itself, increases our body’s ability to have a higher libido.

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