Episode 24: The Goddess Within – Interview with Sunni Boehme

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Longtime friend and Master Life Coach, Sunni Boehme, joins Dr. Deb on Episode #24 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now for a conversation all about Goddess Archetypes, manifesting, and the value of speaking openly about sex. Sunni profiles Goddess Archetypes from Athena and Artemis to Demeter and Aphrodite, and speaks about the value of identifying which archetype you could be. 

It’s also really interesting… remember a few years ago, when 50 Shades Of Gray came out? The women who really got into these books – were the Athena and Artemis to archetypes. Because they’re usually always in control! So it was just the total opposite of anything they ever thought they wanted – but it was an adventure… It sparked a lot of fire!

Listen in to learn about understanding your sexual needs, how to communicate them effectively with your partner, and optimizing your sexual wellness.

Ya know, growing up in our era – you didn’t talk about sex with your mom. If you were lucky you had a sister that you could feel comfortable enough talking about sex with… we all need to have someone that we can openly have conversations… and know that we’re not being judged… and know that there are some solutions and some answers to what we’re struggling with. 

Connect With Sunni:

Sunni Boehme – www.sunniboehme.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunni.boehme

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