Episode 26: Ritual Tantra – Interview with Leslie Grace

Sex-Cess Program

On Episode #26 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Registered Nurse, turned Sexual Embodiment & Tantra Coach, Leslie Grace, to the podcast for an incredible conversation about ritual tantra, conscious sexuality, sexual awakening, femininity, classical tantra vs neotantra, and so much more! Leslie gives insight into her unique journey to becoming a Sexual Embodiment Coach, and provides a LIVE exercise of what you might experience by working with her!

… I guess I want to start by going way back, to my Midwestern roots, to my Catholic upbringing – where I had all the guilting and shaming around sex. Your body is not okay… your desires are not okay… and the deep imprint that left on me as a little girl wanting to do good in the world…

Leslie details the difference between tantric sex and conventional sexuality, and how tantra can help improve, increase, and enhance sexual experiences alone and with your partner. Listen in as Dr. Deb and Leslie discuss the value of self-pleasure, and how to ensure both you and your partner receive complete, fulfilling pleasure. 

In tantra, we recognize that we are not just physical beings – that we’re also energetic beings and emotional beings. And that all those layers are connected. So, rather than just focusing on physical level pleasure – we’re also wanting to focus on the flow of energy in our bodies.

Connect With Leslie Grace:

Website lesliegracetantra.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ritualtantra/

Instagram: instagram.com/lesliegracetantra/

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