Episode 27: Brain Health – Interview with Dr. Erica Linn, DNP

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On Episode #27 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Dr. Erica Linn, DNP, of Serenity Health Care Center for a conversation on brain health. Dr. Linn, is an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach, and treats a myriad of brain health issues as a practitioner at Serenity Health Care Center. Listen in for a discussion on topics ranging from brain inflammation and memory loss, to Alzheimer’s and the role that over stimulation (phones, social media, etc) can have on short and long term brain health. 

… there’s also some research coming out that’s connecting that very much with anxiety – that anxiety is more than anything, a difficulty in shutting down certain parts of the brain that need to be very selective in what stimuli they’re taking in. And so when we’re not able to be selective anymore, then that can really create a lot of anxiety – which over time can cause degeneration. Which in the long run can potentially contribute to the memory problems that we get concerned about in older people.

Dr. Deb and Dr. Linn discuss the relationship between gut bacteria and the brain, and how it may impact memory, focus, attention, anxiety and depression. Together they talk about the differences between conventional and functional medicine regarding brain health, how someone can find out if they may have an inflamed brain, and the sort of testing and screening options that are available. 

We know that for every message being sent from the brain to the GI system, that there are nine messages going from the gut, up to brain. For a while in functional medicine, the gut was called the second brain, but now we’re actually thinking more and more as the gut as the first brain, in the sense that it controls, in some regards, even more than the brain in our head does. 

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