Episode 29: Nutrition – Interview with Faye Pietrokowsky

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In Episode 29 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Faye Pietrokowsky onto the podcast to discuss all things nutrition and organic eating. Together, Dr. Deb and Faye discuss Faye’s introduction into the world of nutrition, organic eating, farmer’s markets, buying locally, cooking from scratch, sugar addictions and different ways you learn about where your food truly comes from.

You keep going back to the same markets, so you develop relationships. So what happens is, you can say after a while who would you trust – and they’ll tell you… But I have found, the farmers will give me tons of information. Someone said to me ” ya know, we’re not organic certified because it’s so expensive, but we don’t use pesticides”.

In an attempt to determine what truly constitutes as organic, Dr. Deb and Faye give insight into farming and distribution, and why it can be important to dig deep and ask questions about your food.

It can be very overwhelming when you start diving into food, and label reading, and what’s real and what’s not. And I agree, the organics thing – sometimes it’s a joke… I live in a rural area, and we farm, and our neighbors farm. And there’s an organic farm next to my neighbor that says “Please Don’t Spray”, and here comes comes the crop duster right over the neighbor’s farm – and that blows into the organic farm.

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Website: http://innerdesignintuition.com/

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