Episode 30: Keto, Nutrition & Healthy Living – Interview with Dr. Rosie Main, DC

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In Episode 30 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Official Team Doctor of USA Wrestling, USA Weightlifting and USA Judo to speak about all things Keto, Nutrition and healthy living! Dr. Rosie discusses some of the early hardships that shaped her journey, turning “diets” into lifestyles, the WHY? in your quest for health and wellness, and her favorite biohack!

There’s so many misconceptions about Keto, and I think this is where people hear that word and think it’s just a fad. One of the realities, this diet has been around for many years and actually was started in the 1920’s. 

Dr. Deb and Dr. Rosie discuss intermittent fasting, the value of the Keto Diet, and the role that stress and cortisol can play in your health – even when you’re eating and exercising optimally. 

You have people like Lance Armstrong and Steve Jobs, they probably had the right nutritionists and exercise – but yet they still get cancer. So it overrides everything we do nutritionally. I think that’s the number one thing we got to take into account. When I’m under stress, even though I’m eating right and exercising, my cortisol levels when I was taking care of my sister, I was doing all the right things I could, but yet my sugar levels were so high because cortisol was constantly there because of the stress I was in. 

Connect With Dr. Rosie Main:

Website: https://drmain.maxliving.com/



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