Episode 35: Erectile Dysfunction – Interview with Amy Hoffman, NP

Sex-Cess Program

In Episode 35 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites friend and colleague, Amy Hoffman, NP of Serenity Health Care Center on the podcast to talk all things erectile dysfunction. Listen in as Dr. Deb & Amy discuss everything from the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment options, and morning erections, to low testosterone, bioidentical hormone therapy and shockwave therapy.

The definition of erectile dysfunction is pretty simple – it’s the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is firm enough to achieve penetration, as well as complete the act of intercourse. So if there are any steps along that way where there’s issues, then that would qualify a person as having some form of erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Deb and Amy detail how to know if you may be dealing with erectile dysfunction, along with some of the natural remedies available. Amy concludes the conversation with a few important tips for dealing with erectile dysfunction. 

Finding someone that you’re comfortable talking with is really important. But, you also want to go to the appropriate person… Depending on what your symptoms are, certainly, you can always start with a consultation, in general, when talking about erectile dysfunction. But you may have to get further evaluation, either from a vascular person or a cardiologist, or a urologist, because we always want to make sure we’re ruling out something that could be seriously going on… don’t ignore the erectile dysfunction because it is a result of something that’s going on in the body.

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