Episode 39: My Battle With Cancer – Interview with Dr. Jan Seibert, ND

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In Episode 39 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites a very special guest, her best friend, Dr. Jan Seibert, ND, onto the podcast for an incredible conversation about Dr. Seibert’s recent uterine cancer diagnosis. Dr. Jan shares her story, details her health journey up until the diagnosis, how it’s impacting her life, and what’s she’s doing, and plans to do, to fight it. 

I marked it on the calendar, I remember that morning, I said Is this coming from my rectum? Or my goodness, this coming from my uterus? And I just started to make a mark, just a little drop, a little drop, only in the morning, and then it became more prominent as the days went on. 

Dr. Deb & Dr. Jan discuss a myriad of treatment options, preventative measures, and the process of selecting her oncologist. Dr. Jan speaks about the similarities between climbing mountains and facing chemotherapy, and the value of having learned pace and pushing her body to extremes.

When I go into the chemo room, I gear up like I’m getting ready to climb a mountain. And I’m glad I had those experiences… If I didn’t have that kind of, lesson of what to do, and pace myself, and know what it’s like to get exhausted, to push my body to such extremes, I don’t think I would be able to respond as well. 


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