Episode 41: Neuro Weight Loss – Interview with Sunnie Brooks

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In Episode 41 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Sunnie Brooks onto the podcast to speak about neuro weight loss and neuroplasticity. Sunnie Brooks is a Neuro Weight Loss coach who founded Neuro Weight Loss Coaching.

Like a lot of people, a lot of people already know what you need to do. Either you’ve been in other programs, you can get a book and find a good program for losing weight and exercising and things like that. It’s getting yourself to do it. And the problem is, you’re not weak, you’re not pathetic, you’re not a failure. What you’re doing when you try to use willpower is you’re bucking up against your body chemistry. Our brain and our neuropathways and the brain chemicals, the hormones that are released, are released on a set schedule based on our habits and our routines up until the moment that you decide, “Oh, I’m going to go on a diet.” Well, the brain hasn’t gotten the memo.

Dr. Deb and Sunnie discuss a variety of topics revolving around the notion of breaking and building habits, retraining the brain, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and the power of repetition. Dr. Deb and Sunnie also speak about stress reduction, hormones, sex drive and energy. 

Neuroplasticity. It’s a combination of two words: neuro, meaning brain, and plasticity, meaning changeable as opposed to being fixed, and that’s the key piece. Since the beginning of brain research, scientists told us that the brain you were born with was the brain you were going to have the rest of your life, and there wasn’t much you could do past childhood to change it. You hear people say, “Oh, that’s just the way I’m hardwired.” Well, yeah, you are hardwired that way. But if you have habit, which is something you do automatically without thinking, and it’s having a detrimental effect on you, then there are ways to change those neuronal connections so that… and your thoughts change, your emotions change, your body chemistry changes.

Connect With Sunnie Brooks:

Website: www.sunniebrooks.com

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/sunniebrooks

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